League of Legends – patch 7.5

And again LoL! This time Riots released patch 7.5 and here i’ll talk about new details that were added. Developers are trying to deal with some old problems.

League of Legends 7.5

Firstly – shooters. Work on shooter is still on, but not as hard as it was in last update. They are sorry for this, but the work is still in process, and soon all will be done. Today developers precisely watch at Warrus, Jhin and Miss Fortune and unbelivible damage that they deal to the enemies. Also they change Warlord’s Bloodlust and Blade of the Ruined King so ranger’s items now looks balanced.

Azir LoL

Future plans

AS you may see some champions are much more popular as other at the professional stage, so Riots will look at the strong side of such champions to correct other, weak guys. Or just nerf these strong sides as they always did.

Other Changes in LoL

Some big projects are included in this patch, like Kinred Aatrox and some key talantes like Stone Bounds (And Warlod’s Bloodlust and Blade of the Ruined King as i mentioned before). Stable vampire effect of old Bloodlust is in the past now, but if you like to absord the life energy of your enemies, then try Aatrox. Riot reworked him, so it will be the new experience for you.

Here are the 7.5 Patch notes for League of Legends

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League of Legends – Game Tips

Advices that will increase your skill in League of Legends

Games like League of Legends are testing you in the many ways. If you are unhappy with your game, it is likely that in some aspects you are quite well, but the failures in other directions are contained you. You will find a list of useful tips below. Of course, not all of its paragraphs are equally important, andyou can compensate your weak sides with the strong ones.

LoL battle

Game Knowledge

Learn the game and it’s champions. Knew all weak and strong sides of champions, know what to pick and buy to counter them. Make optimal decisions and you will see how your winrate is increasing.

Watch at your position

Positioning is one of the most aspect in all Moba games. You must know where are the best positions for your champions. Need to learn when it is time to switch lines, or do when your help is needed in other places (for a support hero you need to now positions from where you can push back enemy’s champions from the bottom line. As assassins you need to know all flanking ways to opponents).

Champions List

To win games, you need to have META champions in your champion list. So don’t try to buy all champions at once, buy the best in this patch. Look at the win rate of them, or just look what professional picking. Remember that you need at least 1 champion of each role, to balance your team.


Of course skill in the League of Legends is the main thing. If you buy the most imbalanced champions, you still may lose the game because you don’t know how to play with him. So always practice and find a new ways of gameplay of various champions.

In game minimap

If you can always watch the map, then it will not be a surprise if an enemy try to gank you. You will see that enemies are missing or that your team is gathering up for a push, and it’s time to split-push or to join that attack. Always watch for the game.


Remember that you just can not win games solo. Never. So always communicate with your teammates, never blame them and try your best. If nobody is coordinating you, then try to be the One who coordinate the team. Belive me, even bad leader is better then no leader.

Control your emotions

All multiplayer games are emotional. Anger, satisfaction, fear all these emotion can positively and negatively reflect on your game style. So try to hold your emotions before Winning screen appear (or losing).

Know your enemies

Some psychological side of the game. You need to predict where enemies in all moments of the game. From it all strategies are builded, so if you want to win games, you need to think as your enemy.

League of Legends

How to win games in LoL

Well, if as a recap all you need to do is to:

  • Kill more minions! As much as you can!
  • Place totems! As much as you can!

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