Ori and the Blind Forest Review

Ori and the Blind Forest Review

Ori and blind forest


This has remained one of the best games on Xbox one. It is a game well known for polarizing its players. You either like or love this game.

Ori and the Blind Forest was first released in 2015. The game lets you take the character of a forest spirit known as Ori. Ori became an orphan after a serious calamity destroy almost every one and leaves a damaged world behind.

Ori and blind forest Gameplay

Helped by a forest spirit called Sein and the great memories of a lost partner you set out to bring back everything to what it used to be. So, your quest is to gather natural elements. Along the way, you will encounter monster spirits that try to stop you from completing your quest.

The game is basically an emotional tale that accompanies you throughout your journey, and while the development of the character is amazing, that’s not the only reason why this game is a must play.


Throughout the entire game you will stumble upon an aesthetic that brings back the childhood memories. All in all, everything in this game was individually designed and while there are several themes in the game, nothing here is copy and paste. Every part of this game is simply beautiful.

On several occasions, the game might slow down and have issues with the frame, but that simply shows how much the visuals have been squeezed. But it’s uncommon to experience a crash.

There are no loading times in the forest of Nibel. To play well, you will have to keep on zooming out so as to find the destination you are looking for, and then zoom in to continue with the game. Traversal and backtracking feels like a chore because of the secrets that keep on popping up while unlocking new abilities.

The game comes with an update that lets you teleport between save stones. Ori moves very fast across the forest of Nibel. The paces the Ori uses compel you to use both your memories and instincts. The game is unique and cute. However, you keep on dying time and again before you reach a meaningful distance.

Ori and blind forest Dark spirit

Along the way, you will get to encounter several enemies whom you just use a set of combat skills to destroy. There is a skill tree that is visible from the start of the quest, but you really don’t need to upgrade your skills, even your combat abilities.

The game also features an area of attack known as Light Burst that lets you survive when your enemies attack and overwhelm you, but you may even never use it.

The game also lets you jump up and down like Mario, but you can’t defeat foes, but you can use fireballs that you can only fire rapidly up close and you will attack your enemies using a special ability known as Bash. There are numerous ability that you will get to learn along the way, but Bash is the only ability that will help you a great deal.

Metacritic – 88

PC PowerPlay – 90

Attack of the Fanboy – 90

Digitally Downloaded – 90