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Digital Foundry is a famous part of the Eurogamer, which analyzes the technical side of all video games. So who if not them will create a top list of the most technically perfect games in the 2017 year?

Top List of the most technically advanced games of 2017


So why are we still talking? Let’s get right to the point!

  1. Horizon: Zero Dawn. Digital Foundry is just praising the technical part of this game. Design of the world, Details and stable productivity, all this in sum just makes a perfect fusion.
  2. Assassin’s Creed: Origins. The work with the light, high detailed world and pretty nice distance view. All this makes AC:O one of the greatest games with the open world, from the technological point of view, of course.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Just a gem that squeezes all that it can from such platform as Nintendo Switch. Such wonderful level of interaction with the environment, many interesting decisions and a lot of in-game features.
  4. Claybook. This game uses Signed Distance Field technology, Visual Elements with the rays tracing, and unique physical engine.

GTA V is used to teach self-controlled cars

Information portal Bloomberg learned that Grand Theft Auto V is not only one of the most popular “sandboxes” in the world, but also a great Simulator for testing and teaching artificial intelligence of the self-controlled cars.

GTA V as experimental lab

GTA V police helicopter

As said a lecturer at Princeton University, joined the team of engineers who are creating an autonomous vehicle, Alain Kornhauser, Grand Theft Auto V is “the richest virtual habitat“, from which they can extract data. And I do not wonder. After all, the game from Rockstar has at least 262 cars, 14 different weather conditions, more than a thousand unpredictable non-player characters, as well as a bunch of bridges, tunnels, and traffic lights.

One of the founders of the startup Nio, that develop cars without a driver, Davide Bacchet emphasizes that we can’t rely only on data from experiments in the real world. He said that in this simulator (GTA V) is in contrast to reality — engineers can repeat the same scenario, again and again, an infinite number of times. Plus it’s safer and easier to control every variable.

However, do not think that Grand Theft Auto V is the basis of the technology prepared for such vehicles. As the researchers claim, the game only succeeds in supplementing their search.

Basic Info

GTA V sick badass

GTA V is a great game, with an open world. Developers from Rockstar – are leaders and true genius in the game design and created a really great concept that usable not only by gamers but even by scientists. Every new part of this game set the new highs and we hope that new part of this franchise will be as great as all previous.

Pros of GTA V:

  • Great concepts of all main heroes
  • Giant city
  • Many opportunities to chill out
  • High level of detalization and interactivity
  • Magestik graphic

Cons of GTA V:

I can’t find any, truly

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League of Legends – Ultimate Guide

How to play League of Legends very efficiently?

To play the game, League of Legends in a very efficient way, you should understand the rules and regulations of the game. If you are familiar with various kinds of characters and items, you can play the game in the best possible way. League of Legends is the most popular game which is played all over the world. There are many challenges which can be overcome very easily when you learn from the experience of skilled players. In this context, you are advised to go through the reviews and guides.

Influence Points (IP)

The Summoner’s influence is measured through the IP. The measure will be based on the performance in ‘Fields of Justice’. You can earn influence points by playing the game for a long period of time. The skills used by your team will also influence your points.

Two teams will compete each other to kill the enemy’s nexus. A series of challenges should be overcome before reaching the nexus. In this process, minions should be killed. You can choose set of maps to play the game in a very efficient way.

There are many advantages with influence points. It is possible to unlock champions with IP. When you unlock champions, there will be great advantage over your opponent. The champion pool can be expanded. By unlocking more champions, a strong champion can be picked up and operations can be expanded very easily.

Buy runes

The champion’s abilities will be enhanced when you manage a favorite champion in the game. You can buy runes for your champion by using these points. The champion’s abilities are further enhanced with runes. If you go through a quality ‘League of Legends’ guide, you will have complete information about runes and IP. You will understand about thinks that should be accomplished to make great progress in the game.

League Runes

There will be IP bonus for every win that you manage in 24 hours. It is possible to win a game each day by managing IP. In fact IP is only one way to improve your chances in the game. You can go through various tips and tricks through which you will be able to make great progress in the game.

Money playing

There are video games which will help you make money through playing. When you play the game in a very efficient manner and overcome various obstacles, you will move to top layers in the game. You should set up an account to start your journey in ‘League of Legends’.

There are powerful videos which will explain you the procedure to engage in money-making game. You can participate in forums as well to get great knowledge about the game. If you subscribe to an active community or forum, information will be shared very effectively.

After logging into the website, you should verify your Summoner. The name that you obtained in the game should be entered. A game code will be provided and you should make note of the same for further reference. After opening the ‘League of Legends’, you should navigate to the Masteries tab. After adding a new Masteries page, the game code should be pasted. The Masteries page should be saved and you should visit the Digibyte gaming site. The verification should be completed on the website. After completing the steps successfully, you will receive Digibyte’s into your digital wallet.

The payout will vary as per the sponsorship agreement. You should understand the fact that the value of digital currency will accumulate over a period of time. You can watch the official video to understand the procedure and you will settle for the best solution without any issues.

You can also make money by creating a video game fan site or blog. In order to create a blog, you should have an internet connection, latest laptop/computer and appropriate software. A video game YouTube channel can be created to make money.

How to master League of Legends?

To play the game in a very efficient way, you should learn various keyboard shortcuts. If you are a beginner, you will be benefited by going through the guide. There are communities meant for experienced players as well. A single character will be controlled and customized in League of Legends. To accumulate resources, you should work with other teammates. The available modes of communication should be used very efficiently.

In each match, players will be able to choose a character they wish to play. There are about 130 champions in the game. The champion can be customized as per the resources earned by you. It is not possible to carry over the customization.

You should visit the official ‘League of Legends’ website and register for an account. The game should be downloaded on your PC or Mac. There are 30 levels in the game. You should implement a strategy that is most appropriate for the current level. As per the availability of resources, the strategy can be changed so that you will be in winning position at all times.

If you know the tips and tricks of the game, the enemy can be attacked in the best possible way. If you are going to die, you will follow best course of action so that you can hide and retaliate. As far as possible, you should avoid death as it will greatly decrease your strength.

The currency that is earned while playing the game is called Influence Points. The gameplay content will be unlocked with IP. The currency that you purchase with money is called Riot Points (RP). You should understand the fact that any content can be purchased with RP. The cosmetic feature can be purchased with RP only.

In case of Free Champion Rotation, there will be group of ten champions. They will be unlocked for all players. Changes will take place on weekly basis.


Champions are player-controlled characters. They begin their journey at level 1 and they will reach a maximum level, 18. As a matter of fact, champions will grow in power with each level.

LoL Champions

There will be basic attack, passive attack and 4 abilities with each champion. When the champion right clicks on an enemy, the basic attack will take place. The enemies in the range will be attacked by champions automatically. The attack will take place on a continuous basis. There are ranged as well as melee attacks. Ranged champions have the capability to fire auto attack projectile. The attack of each champion is different. Some attacks will take long time. In some cases, the projectiles will travel too slowly so that the attack will be very slow.

The game play is affected by the passive. It is an innate character. You will not want to press any buttons in this process. Unique actions available to the champion are 4 abilities. They are skills and spells. Most of the champions have access to three basic abilities and one ultimate ability. The ultimate ability is the most powerful ability. There are five ranks in basic abilities. The ultimate ability has 3 ranks and it can be advanced at level 6, 11 and 16.


Damages are exceptions and champions can deal with 3 types of damage. There will be physical damage through basic attacks and some abilities. Most abilities can deal with magic damage. It can be added to basic attacks as well. The true which takes place in rare cases happens through various sources. You should understand the fact that it should not be mitigated. On the other hand, physical and magical damage can be mitigated.

Magic and physical are game mechanic terms and they are not related to the action performed by the champion. Basic attacks deal with fists, fireballs, bullets and bolts. There is scope for mixed damage as well when multiple damages take place from the single source.

Roles of champions

There are various kinds of roles played by champions. In most of the cases, they have primary and secondary roles. Mages have the ability to deal magic damage. They have the capability to disrupt enemies as well. The offensive capability is balanced and they have very low defenses.

LOL Role icons

There is wide variety of playstyles. While some mages excel in controlling the battlefield, while others focus on devastation. Marksmen apply their basic attacks and they will ensure that there will be sustained damage. Single targets are dealt in this process. To survive in the game, marksmen should work hard. Skilled movement is required and the target should be selected very carefully. There are high defenses with tanks. However, the damage is very low. However, they have the capability to disrupt and disable others. They will join the fight first and will be out in the last.

Fighters have the mix of damage, defense and utility. The survivability of the fighter is minimum. There are physical damage-oriented as well as magic damage oriented ones. There will be extreme mobility with Assassins. The massive damage output is called burst damage and it will take for a short period of time.

Thus, you should understand about different roles of champions so that you can play the game very efficiently.

Elo in League of Legends

The ELO ratings system, the ELO coefficient is the method of calculating the relative strength of players in games with two players (for example, shogi, Guo or chess). This rating system was developed by the American professor of physics of Hungarian Origin Arpad Elo.

The principles of the Elo rating system can also be applied to other sports, including e-sports, such as League of Legends, Dota 2 (known as mmr) and other competetive games.

Elo divisions

Players are divided by tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamon and Challenger. Each of these tiers divided by leagues. Only 250 peoples can play in one League, and there is numerous number of leagues.

Elo Divisions

Tier is determined by the league point – they are used to win, and you lose when you lose. The LP changes from 0 to 100 and displays the current position of the player in the division.

If you’re scoring 100 points, then you will play division Series this is the best of the three, if you win, you go to the next division. If you lose, you lose your LP, but not less than 60 LP. You can play this Best of Three in any day that you want, there are no strict dates. The period after which the player is considered inactive is 28 days.

If you’re in First division and you’re picking up 100 LP, you will play Promotion series – BO5 to the next tier.

After you go to the new division, you have a 0 LP and “Given five matches that you can lose“. When they expire, the general rules are included, and if you lose the 0 LP, you fall into a lower division. If you’re in the lower division of Tier, it’s not going to fall off the tyre, you can only grow up.

The only exception is inactivity. In 28 days of inactivity, the LP is beginning to decrease, and then the player can move down both by Tyre and by division.

As you can read above this system is quite complicated, so if you want to get really high division you need to work really hard. Or just use Boosting service.

Boosting Services

Boosting in illegal way to get desired rank in League of Legends. But Riots rarely ban those who use Boosting services, because it is really hard to indicate who use them and who play by rules. The thing is easy, you gave your account to the professional League of Legends Player and he reach any division or rank that you wanted, and for what you payed.

Boosteria official site Discounts from Boosteria

So how to find a trusted lol boosting service? Well you can read reviews, what companies are writing about itself (mostly in “About Us” page) or just choose the cheapest of them. The choice is up to you. I prefer Boosteria for a good price list, discounts and just for a good support system. They always tries to help and always ready to apply full refund, if you are dissatisfied with the services that they provide. You can Read more if you really interested in elo boosting.

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New Champion in Quake Champions – Scalebearer

Quake Champions — computer first-person shooter game with online multiplayer from id Software. Announcement of the new game in the series was held at E3 2016 at the Conference of Bethesda’s E3 Showcase. more details are became known about the game at QuakeCon in August 2016.

Quake is Back!

Quake 2017

March 7, 2017 year announced the start of receiving aplications for the closed beta of the game, which should start in a few weeks. Also a lot of new information on the site, including a description of the weapons, maps, and champions that are available in closed beta of Quake Champions.

Introducing – Scalebearer, new Quake champions

Bethesda Softworks and id Software intriduced another Hero on whose behalf the PC owners will be able to destroy enemies on vicious arenas of Quake Champions. His name is Scalebearer.

Quake champions 2017

How developers tells, this Galactic warlord conquered countless worlds and knows no mercy. His active skill called “Bull Rush” and allows Scalebearer smash enemies while he run at them. His passive skill – Big Guy. And here you can look how it works, video of new champion is below.

We remind that after the release of Quake Champions this ruthless man — as well as other heroes, in addition to the Ranger — will be available only to those who will spend money on a set of Champion Pack. In General, the same multiplayer network shooter will be free. And now on the official site you can enroll for the coming closed beta.


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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was Postponed

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice postponed to 2017


Company Ninja Theory, that created Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and DmC: Devil May Cry, announced that they postponed release date of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice to 2017 year. This game has not a date of release, but all think that this game will be released in the end of 2016.

History of game is based on Kelth mythology. Main heroine is a woman warrior Senua, that goes into a dangerous trip in the depths of hell. And main twist of this game is that Hell is a psyhological subconscious of a girl.

As developers say postpone was because of they developed another project that was canceled, and studia need some time to understand all. Futhermore Ninga Theory united with Epic games to enhance the motion capture technology, and this will bring a huge advantage to all video games industry. And studia say that development of Hellblade takes more time then they wanted, so they need an additional time to complete this game on a high level.

Senua Hellblade

Ninja Theory announced Hellblade in 2014 year, when project was in the earlies point of development, and that step was very strange for such experienced team. In the process of creation of this action, team always share information about various aspects with their fans. Last developers journal, for example, was dedicated to Voices in the head of the main character. It contain theme about psychological health, that is one of the central themes in the Hellblade video game.


Sony get the rights to a temporary exclusive of Hellblade for PS4, but project also developed to a PC.

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Christmas in Overwatch – Soon!

In the Overwatch files was found Christmas music theme.

After the recent patch in Overwatch files was found a hints to a Christmas events. It’s festive title theme can be heard on YouTube or in a post on Reddit, where players collect all the new audio files discovered by them.


According to information from the social network Reddit user, calling himself Venxa, said that the Blizzard company prepares special Christmas event in their first person shooter – Overwatch.

This is evidenced by a leak of files detected by this user. The files Venxa found several unused in the game audio files, including new replica of McCree, Tracer, Sombra and Reaper. In addition, the music track, which can become a Christmas theme of Overwatch was found.


Earlier Overwatch celebrated Halloween, and before that in that shooter from Blizzard was found a variation on the theme of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio. These events were very successful for Blizzard, as during the compilation adding new cosmetic items. The time allotted to receive them is limited, and want to get everything at once, and can pay real money instead of day and night to participate in the matches.

Torbjorn christmas

As always,  Blizzard will certainly decorate some of the maps to the holiday and a large part of the heroes will receive additional costumes. Fans are already building theories as who will become Santa, Grinch, Christmas reindeer and gingerbread man in the Overwatch World.

And probably new “arcade” mode


Also among the files we found mention of the mysterious mode “Arena”. There is an audio file with the words “you arrive to the arena,” and the participants there appears to be “Challengers” and “Gladiators”. Blizzard itself did not give yet any comments.

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New experience gain system in Overwatch

Recently Blizzard released new patch for Overwatch, which has new hero, battle mods and location (for an arcade mod) and a few balance strings. Due to all these changes, the changes in the mechanism of gaining experience might go unnoticed.

No more event crates abuse in Overwatch

Reaper overwatch

Well, director of project Jeff Kaplan specifically focused on this point a little more to explain to players what Blizzard wants to achieve. Let us explain: earlier upon reaching level 100 you can start you leveling as you was 1st level, and at the same amount of experience as you get at the starting levels was again in exactly the same way as in the first playthrough. The trick is that for each level the player gets a free container of cosmetic items and, according to Jeff Kaplan, the old algorithm negatively impact on the game.

Sombra overwatch

He said that before seasonal activities (for example, to “summer games” or “Horror on Halloween”) high-level players stop playing to start the re-leveling from the 1st level at the start of the festive events. The motivation is simple – on the lower levels, up to the 23th, character leveling is much faster, so that players very quickly received 23 free container. And with this new system players can not exploite Blizzards system to get 23 “free” containers. When player reach 100 level, every next level will require 20 000 units of experience.

Developers words abut this issue

“These changes should provide the advantage to the community of players – Jeff said. – If they come into force before the start of the “Horrors of Halloween”, we would have distributed crates to players. More players would get more cosmetic things”. Of course, users argued that in this way Blizzard wants to increase sales containers for real money. “This decision has nothing with the desire to increase sales – reported the director of the project. – The purpose of the changes – to prevent excessive haste in the game, or vice versa, the rejection of her. We want to people who have not yet reached the levels of prestige, do not feel deprived, we did not think that you missed a nice bonus“.

Mei overwatch

In general, developers will allow to rapidly increase the levels and get a reward at the first acquaintance with the game, then all players must be in equal conditions. “We want you to play in Overwatch, or do not play only when you really do not want; that’s the whole reason for the changes … nothing more “- summed up Jeff Kaplan.

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Metro 2035: Game was announced

New part of the post apocalyptic game?

The last book in the trilogy of “Metro” has appeared in the russian market this year under the name “Metro 2035”. The English site has recently been updated for receiving pre-orders for the book (in the US it will be released at December 10) and, most curiously, the same casually informed about the next game in the series of the same named shooters, pointing as the release date – 2017.

Sparta Metro 2035

It is reported that the action of the game will unfold in the moment when the book story ends, and developers promised greater openness for the players. So we give a brief description of Metro 2035: “The final part of the cult trilogy continues and completes the story of Artyom from the first book. This book have been waiting by millions of readers for long ten years, and the right for translation foreign publishers have bought long before the novel was finished.  “Metro 2035″ – independent book, and with it you can start your dedication to the saga that won Russia and the whole world. ”

Metro 2035

Sincerely excuses from developers

However, soon after that on the official website of the game publisher Deep Silver following message was published in the Facebook: “You may have noticed that some sites were reporting the output of a new game Metro in 2017. – Deep Silver has released the following statement … As the exclusive owner of the rights to this video games in the universe “Metro 2033”, Deep Silver has ambitious plans for the very successful series of “Metro” games. But in order to meet the expectations of our fans, we hasten to inform you that the release of the new game “Metro 2035” in 2017 is not included in our plans. When we have news to share with you, we will. Thank you for your patience“.

Metro 2035 game

After that, from English site of Metro 2035 information about 2017 as the release date of the game has disappeared, even though the nameless project in the universe remained . So while fans of 4A Games products remains to wait until the science-fiction game Arktika.1 for virtual reality. A new adventure in the post-apocalyptic underground, it seems, has been postponed until 2018.

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Skyrim Special Edition review

Skyrim is still for the Nords

Skyrim remastered I just can not say that Skyrim is the best TES game (not even at 3rd place at my top), but i still happy that Bethesda remastered it.

Let’s start from the good news to PC owners, and bad for the owners of consoles. So who got PC version with all add-ons, will revieve this remastered version for free, Consol owners need to buy this game for a full price, becouse Skyrim never relesed for consoles of 8 generation (PS4, XO).

Skyrim: Special Edition.


How good remaster has out, I think, should be judged not by the graphics, but by the impressions of all at once. Original 2011 visually, of course, was terrible.

Now graphics in Skyrim has been notably ennobled: they put on the walls beautiful textures and pulled npc models to sane species. Most of the work was made with lighting, shadows and backdrops.

Outdoors updates given their results – in static remaster looks great too. During the first hour of study walks, yet nothing happened really, I just stayed for 10 minutes to watch the sunset, urban landscapes, and dense thickets flattering.

Of course, it is necessary to compare the graphics, as they say, attaching one to the other. In this question our comrades from DigitalFoundry will help. They rescued us countless times.

Why you must return to Skyrim

Skyrim SE

In fact, there is reason better than upgraded visual part. Main thing that is not lost in almost 6 years since the release – the atmosphere and boundless freedom.

You are free to do what you wish and as you wish – even just peacefully go hunt, and then peacefully cooks omething from it. In Skyrim, war – this is not a straight road, and the whole arena of endless conflict, filled with decisions, dialogues, characters and their meaning.

Just say “Hello” to a stranger, and you will never know where this dialogue will lead. Maybe to the war of magic schools and the clash of their interests; to find vintage treasures; to the ancient curses, that cut out whole villages; arrogant power-hungry rulers; mad warlords with grandiose plans for the battle or even ordinary robbers, robbing passers-by on the way to Whiterun.

The game world is huge and not empty. Quests are wait for you at every turn. In caves inhabited by bandits and monsters, there are treasures and rare artifacts and quests. The city is full of different stories, some of which ends with the main branch more interesting tasks. In the end, you can spit on everything and just go to the mountains – to seek adventure on your digital ass.

My Impressions about Skyrim: Special Edition

Skyrim Special Edition

Special Edition – is a great reason to try the game for those who for some reason missed the original at the time. Now you can make it more practical – because Special Edition includes all the DLC, all the necessary patches and everything you need for a comfortable game.

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Worms W.M.D.

Good, old Worms returned

Team 17 finally decide to go back to the roots and release a Worms W.M.D. in 2d not in the awful 3d. But that mistake was very painfull to the studio, they lost too many fans. But fortunately developers recognized their mistakes and ready to move on!

Worms W.M.D.

Worms W.M.D. destruction

This game can be named ask “Polished Armageddon“. Worms returned to 2d, as developers promised. This is a great news, because this is how Worms must look. It feels so old school: same mechanics, arsenal and even game phisics.

This is still slow, but dynamic turn-based strategy, where you have a squad of worms, that throws grenades. Small monsters armed to the teeth, so the 10-15 minutes of battle will destroy the arena.

Arsenal is not very extended, and all old toys was left on their places. You can destroy enemies with firearms, cold and futuristic weapon. The new players may be confused with such weapons as Holy grenade, super sheep or something else, but old player cant hide theirs tears of joy.

New ideas

This game has some surprises. For example. now you can find military vehicles! These machines will destroy your enemies if you know how to use it. Tanks, helicopters and even robots – choose what you want.

Worms W.M.D. tank

The second innovation – Shelters. Gas stations, markets and etc  – thats all now not a solid texture, you can enter them to hide or use them as a bunker where you will be protected from an enemy fire. However constructions can be broken, thats why you can not hide there forever. But a couple of times you can survive a dense bombardment or attack of homing missiles.

Worms W.M.D. shelter


You have 2 game modes:

  1. Company
  2. Network game

In single (company) mode you must complete several scenarios, where you must do some objective or kill all worms.

But all fun is in Network games. Where all can happen. I just can not describe all that madness that happens there, so just buy this game and try it. You wont be disappointed.


Worms W.M.D.

Team 17 have done everything correctly and bring the series back from the dead. Worms W.M.D as fun as 15 years ago, and it certainly great for the friendship battles on one PC or console. Game mechanics, that overcome the decade, works flawlessly and gives a sea of bright emotions. Tactical variety and content allows you to play this game in a long long time.

In general, the legendary “Worms” are back