Destiny 2 with Blizzard

Today’s event, dedicated to the demonstration of Destiny 2, has clearly been successful. In addition to the gameplay trailer and news about the PC-version of the shooter, Bungie also showed the launching mission of the campaign, which, according to developers, sets the tone for the entire game.

Destiny 2 Back to back

Destiny 2 on (

In the same place, developers reported that users of Destiny 2 will be able to find even more entertainment for themselves. During the exploration of the surrounding area, you will see non-player characters distributing additional quests called “Adventures.” This can be the search for treasures marked on the map, and the discovery of the Lost Sectors. Plus Bungie promises more public events, including those with Heroic goals.

By the way, in the Destiny 2, it will be possible to explore four new territories: Titan, Io, Nessus and the European Dead Zone on Earth. With all this, you do not have to leave the world and return to orbit to launch any action.

Destiny 2 poster

Finally, Bungie stresses: to enjoy Destiny 2 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (although independently, even with friends) on September 8, you will not need to master the previous part. Especially since in the new shooter mode “Games with a guide” is added, which makes it easier to go through any complex and interesting missions. Moreover, thanks to it, users who prefer to save the last human city on Earth alone can, if necessary, find a company and receive new in-game awards like weapons and armor. This is especially useful in Raid and Nightfall modes.

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New Champion in Quake Champions – Scalebearer

Quake Champions — computer first-person shooter game with online multiplayer from id Software. Announcement of the new game in the series was held at E3 2016 at the Conference of Bethesda’s E3 Showcase. more details are became known about the game at QuakeCon in August 2016.

Quake is Back!

Quake 2017

March 7, 2017 year announced the start of receiving aplications for the closed beta of the game, which should start in a few weeks. Also a lot of new information on the site, including a description of the weapons, maps, and champions that are available in closed beta of Quake Champions.

Introducing – Scalebearer, new Quake champions

Bethesda Softworks and id Software intriduced another Hero on whose behalf the PC owners will be able to destroy enemies on vicious arenas of Quake Champions. His name is Scalebearer.

Quake champions 2017

How developers tells, this Galactic warlord conquered countless worlds and knows no mercy. His active skill called “Bull Rush” and allows Scalebearer smash enemies while he run at them. His passive skill – Big Guy. And here you can look how it works, video of new champion is below.

We remind that after the release of Quake Champions this ruthless man — as well as other heroes, in addition to the Ranger — will be available only to those who will spend money on a set of Champion Pack. In General, the same multiplayer network shooter will be free. And now on the official site you can enroll for the coming closed beta.


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Metro 2035: Game was announced

New part of the post apocalyptic game?

The last book in the trilogy of “Metro” has appeared in the russian market this year under the name “Metro 2035”. The English site has recently been updated for receiving pre-orders for the book (in the US it will be released at December 10) and, most curiously, the same casually informed about the next game in the series of the same named shooters, pointing as the release date – 2017.

Sparta Metro 2035

It is reported that the action of the game will unfold in the moment when the book story ends, and developers promised greater openness for the players. So we give a brief description of Metro 2035: “The final part of the cult trilogy continues and completes the story of Artyom from the first book. This book have been waiting by millions of readers for long ten years, and the right for translation foreign publishers have bought long before the novel was finished.  “Metro 2035″ – independent book, and with it you can start your dedication to the saga that won Russia and the whole world. ”

Metro 2035

Sincerely excuses from developers

However, soon after that on the official website of the game publisher Deep Silver following message was published in the Facebook: “You may have noticed that some sites were reporting the output of a new game Metro in 2017. – Deep Silver has released the following statement … As the exclusive owner of the rights to this video games in the universe “Metro 2033”, Deep Silver has ambitious plans for the very successful series of “Metro” games. But in order to meet the expectations of our fans, we hasten to inform you that the release of the new game “Metro 2035” in 2017 is not included in our plans. When we have news to share with you, we will. Thank you for your patience“.

Metro 2035 game

After that, from English site of Metro 2035 information about 2017 as the release date of the game has disappeared, even though the nameless project in the universe remained . So while fans of 4A Games products remains to wait until the science-fiction game Arktika.1 for virtual reality. A new adventure in the post-apocalyptic underground, it seems, has been postponed until 2018.

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