Dota Underlords: Economy and Positioning 

Underlords: Economy guide

The whole economic system in all Auto Battlers is pretty similar and here I will say only basics here. After five basic round, you will receive +5 gold every turn. For each of streaks, you could earn additional +3 gold, for both winning and losing streaks. And of course interest – for every 10 coins in the bank you will receive additional 1 gold. This bonus is called Interest and it stacking up to the 50 gold (+5 gold every turn). And of course, a 1 coin reward for the winning a round. So in the early game you need to look for a:

  • Chasing 10 gold breakpoints;
  • Keeping streaks as long as possible.

Картинки по запросу Interest Underlords

The economy is the only important thing in the early stage of the game so you need to build 50 gold. The sooner you will reach this plank the sooner you will enter the mid-game, where you could start to build your true army. This is one of the best strategies that will carry you on during Underlords boost. The best way to gain an advantage over an enemy – start to roll in searching for the best units. Upgrade heroes, find the figures that you are missing in your synergies or just leveling up to obtain more bonuses.

Underlords: Positioning guide

Картинки по запросу Interest Underlords

Positioning is heavily underestimated because it is almost useless in the early and middle stages of the game and became necessary only in the endgame. But still, follow the next rules:

  • Melee units need to stand in a line, as far forward as possible. They are melee, so they need to be closer to the enemy to keep aggro.
  • Assassins in the back lines. They will jump behind the ranks of enemies so you need to keep them at the furthest point from the enemy.
  • Ranged units stacked on one side. Ranged units (or just hunters) is an extremely strong strategy that needs to quickly focus one unit per time. Stacking in the corner will help with that task.
  • Bodyguards – 1-2 tanky units that are buying time for else until they accumulate enough mana to wipe the enemy.
  • Full AoE – Just like Bodyguards, but with one little exception. Strong CC AoE abilities that will be used to buy time for else.
  • Advanced Positioning. This is the hardest thing that you must “feel”. There are no advice or tips because it is a pure fight of the minds. And it is used only in the deep late game, where you are facing only 1-3 enemies. In these battles you may win or lose only with one small replace, so keep playing and practice more, to feel the game.