Bounty Hunter – the hidden imbalance hero of the Dota 2?

Bounty Hunter is looking extremely bad at the previous DreamLeague Season 11 Major, but when he was played by Secret.Zai – BH became the richest hero in the map and own everyone by the 8-th minute. Other players who picked Bounty Hunter don’t look so great at all.

We can’t say that the personal skill extremely hardly affecting the Hero and that the Zai – is one of the strongest offlaners of the world, but we can say the exactly the same words about EG.s4, VP.9pasha or Fnatic.iceiceice, and all of them lost on the Bounty Hunter. So maybe the strength of this hero is not in the gameplay but in the overall draft?

Why BH is still in Meta?

The first reaction on the Hero’s rebalance was quite strange. From the one side, he became much less useful for the whole team – Bonus movement speed to the “Track” ability was canceled. From the other side – Jinada now is much stronger then everyone expected.

And thanks to the Jinada this hero is entered the meta in this new, less quick patch. On the lane, BH cannot deal a lot of damage, but he has great survivability – 6.5 armor, 600 hp, 315 movement speed on the very start – give an opportunity to survive in such situations, where all other heroes will not.

Bounty Hunter is not that great in the farming stage, but he could greatly exchange HP on the lane with enemies. Quick movespeed give an opportunity to quickly decrease the distance between you and an enemy, and the high armor increasing all the regeneration you obtain on the lane.

BH is a hard laner, and in the ideal situation, he will stay against the melee carry, to steal the good amount of his gold every few seconds. The results of this laning he will totally win the lane up to the 5-th minute and will be the number 1 in the overall networth table.

Timings are crucial while you playing as a Bounty Hunter

Well, before starting this chapter, I want to speak about the majority of the timings in Dota 2. If you like to watch upon the aggressive teams, then you see how good they are in synchronizing the timings of their buying.

To the newcomers, such synchronization could seem like pure luck: several core heroes obtain the major, game-changing artifacts, like BKB or Mechansm. But this is not luck, it is a calculation!

Professional players clearly know what they need to do to correctly divide economics. Synchronization of the items is extremely important for the team. Even short windows in 30-90 seconds could give a great chance to take another tower or even a Roshan.

Jinada is not all about gold

And that is where Bounty Hunter is showing his great strength. BH desynch the obtaining of artifacts by the enemy team and breaking the timing of the enemies. Most of you may think that the absolute amount of the stolen gold – is the secret of such a hero, but we know the truth know.

Bounty Hunter could create such a situation when one of the core heroes could fall far behind the other one. This will lead to the situation when the one core is ready to the fight and gathering up the whole team around him, while other is still farming his core items.

In both cases, you’ll earn economical advantage through track-kills, or through early buildings or even Roshan.

Why BH loses games?

There are two main reasons why BH losing his games at the pro-stage. First one is connected with the drafts, while the second one is fully affected by the gameplay.

Virtus.Pro adapted to the lane against Bounty Hunter, by picking a strong core-hero with a lot of armor. Phantom Lancer is a great choice, he has a very good starting stats, that is why he was picked a lot as a mid laner in the past. Jinada now will not be as fearful as it was before, and with the levels, he will be even stronger versus BH thanks to the Phantom Rush.

Shadow Demon on the 5th position could continuously harras BH with the magical damage, and this harassment fully ignores the advantage of the Bounty Hunter in armor. We think that every hero with the great magical burst damage will be extremely good against our protagonist.

Without an opportunity to continuously steal gold in the early stages of the game, BH couldn’t find himself in the game later. And he could be countered with the gaming skills. You could always win the game against much stronger heroes if you can push the buttons much better. Moreover, in the defense, you could always buyback in dangerous situations and win the fight thanks to it.

When you SHOULD pick Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is in the Top15 of the most successful heroes in the hi-level pubs, and you need to look at him if you are interested in MMR boosting. BH is extremely good against such heroes who need good timing for such artifacts as a BattleFury, Radiance or even Blink Dagger.

BH is not that good against core heroes who are relatively strong in the mid-game and could bring pressure, such Ursa, Juggernaut, Troll Warlord or Monkey King, who could create moments on the map without a great amount of gold.

Overall, this hero is extremely interesting, and many top teams experimenting with him. Make one enemy much weaker, use this advantage and take control over the map, and end the game easily. That is how you need to use this hero, in theory!


A little about Game Awards

The Game Awards is an yearly awards ceremony honoring accomplishments in the movie game market. The ceremonies also comprise premieres of new matches and forthcoming content and an comprehensive look at previously declared ones. The displays are created and hosted by Canadian matches journalist Geoff Keighley, who’d worked on its own predecessor, the Spike Video Game Awards, for more than ten decades.

Back in 1994, Geoff Keighley was part of their very first televised awards show for video games, Cybermania’94: The Ultimate Gamer awards . Keighley, as a teen, was brought on to help compose material for the star hosts like William Shatner and Leslie Neilson. The series wasn’t considered effective, aimed for humor than party, but out of it, Keighley was motivated to create something similar to the Academy Awards for video games in his profession.

Keighley had worked to the Spike Video Game Awards (abbreviated VGA), that conducted from 2003 to 2013. The series, was broadcast on Spike TV close to the conclusion of every calendar year, was developed to honor video games releases throughout this season. Keighley functioned as the manufacturer and frequently host for all these displays. In 2013, Spike chose to rename the awards from VGA to VGX concerning signify they wanted to concentrate more on next-generation games which were ushered from the start of the eighth generation of consoles, in addition to bringing comic Joel McHale to co-host alongside Keighley. The 2013 series was regarded as unsatisfactory and targeted as a commercial work as opposed to a party of video game accomplishments.

Keighley was frustrated with the shift in tone this series has introduced. He chosen to fall from further engagement in the VGX, allowing Spike to maintain possession of their land in November 2014, Spike TV announced they had chosen to drop the awards show in its entirety. [5] Rather, Keighley worked with many entities within the market, such as console hardware producers Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, and many large publishers, to financially back and build a new awards show, the Game awards, together with Spike’s blessing. Keighley managed to procure space for hosting the live event. With no broadcaster, Keighley as well as the entities consented to flow the live series about the consoles’ networks and on Valve Corporation’s Steam support, as to have the ability to achieve a far bigger audience than Spike TV previously . Ever since that time, Keighley has managed to secure multiple streaming solutions across the world for the series, that is a transfer appreciated by a number of the Game Awards’ spouses because the series’s inception.

The Game awards review by expert gamers

Keighley believed it significant that the Game Awards presentation is geared at favorably present the attention of players and of the market, and also to be welcoming to actors and other which have demonstrated interest in video games. While the Game Awards are mostly a awards show, Keighley understood the significance of getting added content, having noticed other experiments of video game awards indicates that were just dedicated to awards neglect because of lack of viewers. [8] Keighley considered the Game Awards must fall somewhere between the entertainment places which are utilized for its Academy Awards, as well as the conventional award presentation utilized for its Game Developers Choice Awards, also desired a balance of substance. Throughout the Spike VGX and to the Game Awards, Keighley has participated with publishers and developers to deliver teaser trailers, sneak peaks, and shows of forthcoming games together with the awards. He believes the crowning moment of the strategy has been being able to ensure the first gameplay show of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of this Wild for its 2014 Game Awards. Keighly encourages publishers and programmers to supply any material which may be deemed present or which could pique interest, even though these games are in an early period of development, then makes the variety of that trailers and games to feature.

In combination with the Awards presentation, many digital storefronts, including Steam, the Xbox Live Marketplace along with also the PlayStation Store provide the nominated games available top around and a couple of days following the demonstration. [9] The statuette given to the chosen games was created by cooperation between Keighley and Weta Workshop. It’s supposed to signify”the growth of the video game medium by means of an angel which ascends through electronic building blocks”.
This committee chooses around twelve influential video game information organizations which are going to have the ability to nominate and then vote about the video games in many categories. The advisory committee does not take part in the nomination or voting procedure. Throughout the nomination around, every one of these information outlets supplies a list of matches in many categories; matches to your eSports-associated classes are preferred by a certain subset of those outlets. The committee calculates that the nominations and chooses the most-nominated names for voting by the very same outlets. Ahead of 2017, there were 28 business experts and agents who picked the winners, whereas the 2017 awards will utilize 52 these specialists.


Blizzard’s Overwatch Game Review

Described as a “shooter”, Overwatch divides players into two groups of six, with each player picking out of a roster of more than 20 characters, called”heroes”, each having a exceptional style of drama whose characters are divided into three general classes which match their character. Players on a group work together to secure and shield control points on a map or escort a payload throughout the map at a limited quantity of time. Players gain cosmetic rewards which don’t affect gameplay, like character skins and success poses, since they play the sport. The sport was originally launched with casual drama, using a competitive rated style, various’arcade’ game modes, and also a player-customizable host browser then included following its launch. Furthermore, Blizzard has developed and additional new characters, maps, and sport styles post-release, while saying that Overwatch upgrades will remain free, with the only added cost to players being microtransactions to make extra advantages that are cosmetic.

Some of the Titan team created the idea of Overwatch, dependent on the achievement of team-based first-person shooters such as Team Fortress 2 along with the rising popularity of multiplayer online combat arenas, developing a hero-based shot that emphasized teamwork. Some components of Overwatch borrow resources and theories from the canceled Titan undertaking. After establishing the story of a positive near-future Earth setting following a worldwide catastrophe, the programmers aimed to make a varied cast of heroes which spanned genders and ethnicities as part of the setting. Substantial time is spent correcting the equilibrium of those figures, making certain new players will continue to be able to have fun while proficient players will present each other using a challenge.

Overwatch art

Overwatch premiered at BlizzCon 2014 at a totally playable state and was at a closed beta from late 2015 through ancient 2016. An open beta May 2016 brought in almost 10 million gamers. The launch of this game has been encouraged with short animated movies to present the game’s story and every one of those characters. Blizzard reported over US$1 billion in earnings during the first year of its launch, and had over 40 million gamers following two decades. Overwatch is regarded as among those best video games ever , getting numerous match of this year awards, along with other accolades. The sport has also become known as a eSport, together with Blizzard themselves assisting to finance and create professional leagues, like the Overwatch League.

Overwatch comes with quite a few different game modes, chiefly designed around squad-based battle with two opposing teams of six players each. Players pick among over two dozen different hero characters from among three category types: Damage personalities which deal the majority of the harm to assault or protect command points, Tank personalities which could absorb a lot of harm, and Service heroes which offer recovery or alternative fans for their own teammates. [a] Every hero has a exceptional skill kit, specifying their inherent features like health issues and conducting pace, their principal strikes, several passive and active abilities, along with an ultimate capability which could only be used after it’s been billed through coping damage. Players may change their hero throughout the course of a game, as a goal of Overwatch’s style was to encourage lively team compositions that accommodate to the circumstance. The game’s genre was described by some supporters as a”hero shot “, as a result of its design around particular heroes and courses. Overwatch became so popular that you can even buy an overwatch boost nowadays!

The sport includes game modes such as causal drama, aggressive rated play, and also for encouraging eSports contests such as Blizzard’s Overwatch League. These manners are based around sequentially procuring control of things on the map, or even escorting a payload between things around the map, together with one group attacking while another defends. Other modes put aside for causal games contain solo and team deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and special manners run during different seasonal occasions. Despite winning or losing a game, players get experience towards a participant level, and on getting a new degree, get loot boxes that include decorative items which they can use to personalize the look of the hero figures but does not affect gameplay. Loot boxes may also be bought via microtransactions.


League of Legends – patch 7.5

And again LoL! This time Riots released patch 7.5 and here i’ll talk about new details that were added. Developers are trying to deal with some old problems.

League of Legends 7.5

Firstly – shooters. Work on shooter is still on, but not as hard as it was in last update. They are sorry for this, but the work is still in process, and soon all will be done. Today developers precisely watch at Warrus, Jhin and Miss Fortune and unbelivible damage that they deal to the enemies. Also they change Warlord’s Bloodlust and Blade of the Ruined King so ranger’s items now looks balanced.

Azir LoL

Future plans

AS you may see some champions are much more popular as other at the professional stage, so Riots will look at the strong side of such champions to correct other, weak guys. Or just nerf these strong sides as they always did.

Other Changes in LoL

Some big projects are included in this patch, like Kinred Aatrox and some key talantes like Stone Bounds (And Warlod’s Bloodlust and Blade of the Ruined King as i mentioned before). Stable vampire effect of old Bloodlust is in the past now, but if you like to absord the life energy of your enemies, then try Aatrox. Riot reworked him, so it will be the new experience for you.

Here are the 7.5 Patch notes for League of Legends

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League of Legends – Ultimate Guide

How to play League of Legends very efficiently?

To play the game, League of Legends in a very efficient way, you should understand the rules and regulations of the game. If you are familiar with various kinds of characters and items, you can play the game in the best possible way. League of Legends is the most popular game which is played all over the world. There are many challenges which can be overcome very easily when you learn from the experience of skilled players. In this context, you are advised to go through the reviews and guides.

Influence Points (IP)

The Summoner’s influence is measured through the IP. The measure will be based on the performance in ‘Fields of Justice’. You can earn influence points by playing the game for a long period of time. The skills used by your team will also influence your points.

Two teams will compete each other to kill the enemy’s nexus. A series of challenges should be overcome before reaching the nexus. In this process, minions should be killed. You can choose set of maps to play the game in a very efficient way.

There are many advantages with influence points. It is possible to unlock champions with IP. When you unlock champions, there will be great advantage over your opponent. The champion pool can be expanded. By unlocking more champions, a strong champion can be picked up and operations can be expanded very easily.

Buy runes

The champion’s abilities will be enhanced when you manage a favorite champion in the game. You can buy runes for your champion by using these points. The champion’s abilities are further enhanced with runes. If you go through a quality ‘League of Legends’ guide, you will have complete information about runes and IP. You will understand about thinks that should be accomplished to make great progress in the game.

League Runes

There will be IP bonus for every win that you manage in 24 hours. It is possible to win a game each day by managing IP. In fact IP is only one way to improve your chances in the game. You can go through various tips and tricks through which you will be able to make great progress in the game.

Money playing

There are video games which will help you make money through playing. When you play the game in a very efficient manner and overcome various obstacles, you will move to top layers in the game. You should set up an account to start your journey in ‘League of Legends’.

There are powerful videos which will explain you the procedure to engage in money-making game. You can participate in forums as well to get great knowledge about the game. If you subscribe to an active community or forum, information will be shared very effectively.

After logging into the website, you should verify your Summoner. The name that you obtained in the game should be entered. A game code will be provided and you should make note of the same for further reference. After opening the ‘League of Legends’, you should navigate to the Masteries tab. After adding a new Masteries page, the game code should be pasted. The Masteries page should be saved and you should visit the Digibyte gaming site. The verification should be completed on the website. After completing the steps successfully, you will receive Digibyte’s into your digital wallet.

The payout will vary as per the sponsorship agreement. You should understand the fact that the value of digital currency will accumulate over a period of time. You can watch the official video to understand the procedure and you will settle for the best solution without any issues.

You can also make money by creating a video game fan site or blog. In order to create a blog, you should have an internet connection, latest laptop/computer and appropriate software. A video game YouTube channel can be created to make money.

How to master League of Legends?

To play the game in a very efficient way, you should learn various keyboard shortcuts. If you are a beginner, you will be benefited by going through the guide. There are communities meant for experienced players as well. A single character will be controlled and customized in League of Legends. To accumulate resources, you should work with other teammates. The available modes of communication should be used very efficiently.

In each match, players will be able to choose a character they wish to play. There are about 130 champions in the game. The champion can be customized as per the resources earned by you. It is not possible to carry over the customization.

You should visit the official ‘League of Legends’ website and register for an account. The game should be downloaded on your PC or Mac. There are 30 levels in the game. You should implement a strategy that is most appropriate for the current level. As per the availability of resources, the strategy can be changed so that you will be in winning position at all times.

If you know the tips and tricks of the game, the enemy can be attacked in the best possible way. If you are going to die, you will follow best course of action so that you can hide and retaliate. As far as possible, you should avoid death as it will greatly decrease your strength.

The currency that is earned while playing the game is called Influence Points. The gameplay content will be unlocked with IP. The currency that you purchase with money is called Riot Points (RP). You should understand the fact that any content can be purchased with RP. The cosmetic feature can be purchased with RP only.

In case of Free Champion Rotation, there will be group of ten champions. They will be unlocked for all players. Changes will take place on weekly basis.


Champions are player-controlled characters. They begin their journey at level 1 and they will reach a maximum level, 18. As a matter of fact, champions will grow in power with each level.

LoL Champions

There will be basic attack, passive attack and 4 abilities with each champion. When the champion right clicks on an enemy, the basic attack will take place. The enemies in the range will be attacked by champions automatically. The attack will take place on a continuous basis. There are ranged as well as melee attacks. Ranged champions have the capability to fire auto attack projectile. The attack of each champion is different. Some attacks will take long time. In some cases, the projectiles will travel too slowly so that the attack will be very slow.

The game play is affected by the passive. It is an innate character. You will not want to press any buttons in this process. Unique actions available to the champion are 4 abilities. They are skills and spells. Most of the champions have access to three basic abilities and one ultimate ability. The ultimate ability is the most powerful ability. There are five ranks in basic abilities. The ultimate ability has 3 ranks and it can be advanced at level 6, 11 and 16.


Damages are exceptions and champions can deal with 3 types of damage. There will be physical damage through basic attacks and some abilities. Most abilities can deal with magic damage. It can be added to basic attacks as well. The true which takes place in rare cases happens through various sources. You should understand the fact that it should not be mitigated. On the other hand, physical and magical damage can be mitigated.

Magic and physical are game mechanic terms and they are not related to the action performed by the champion. Basic attacks deal with fists, fireballs, bullets and bolts. There is scope for mixed damage as well when multiple damages take place from the single source.

Roles of champions

There are various kinds of roles played by champions. In most of the cases, they have primary and secondary roles. Mages have the ability to deal magic damage. They have the capability to disrupt enemies as well. The offensive capability is balanced and they have very low defenses.

LOL Role icons

There is wide variety of playstyles. While some mages excel in controlling the battlefield, while others focus on devastation. Marksmen apply their basic attacks and they will ensure that there will be sustained damage. Single targets are dealt in this process. To survive in the game, marksmen should work hard. Skilled movement is required and the target should be selected very carefully. There are high defenses with tanks. However, the damage is very low. However, they have the capability to disrupt and disable others. They will join the fight first and will be out in the last.

Fighters have the mix of damage, defense and utility. The survivability of the fighter is minimum. There are physical damage-oriented as well as magic damage oriented ones. There will be extreme mobility with Assassins. The massive damage output is called burst damage and it will take for a short period of time.

Thus, you should understand about different roles of champions so that you can play the game very efficiently.

Elo in League of Legends

The ELO ratings system, the ELO coefficient is the method of calculating the relative strength of players in games with two players (for example, shogi, Guo or chess). This rating system was developed by the American professor of physics of Hungarian Origin Arpad Elo.

The principles of the Elo rating system can also be applied to other sports, including e-sports, such as League of Legends, Dota 2 (known as mmr) and other competetive games.

Elo divisions

Players are divided by tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamon and Challenger. Each of these tiers divided by leagues. Only 250 peoples can play in one League, and there is numerous number of leagues.

Elo Divisions

Tier is determined by the league point – they are used to win, and you lose when you lose. The LP changes from 0 to 100 and displays the current position of the player in the division.

If you’re scoring 100 points, then you will play division Series this is the best of the three, if you win, you go to the next division. If you lose, you lose your LP, but not less than 60 LP. You can play this Best of Three in any day that you want, there are no strict dates. The period after which the player is considered inactive is 28 days.

If you’re in First division and you’re picking up 100 LP, you will play Promotion series – BO5 to the next tier.

After you go to the new division, you have a 0 LP and “Given five matches that you can lose“. When they expire, the general rules are included, and if you lose the 0 LP, you fall into a lower division. If you’re in the lower division of Tier, it’s not going to fall off the tyre, you can only grow up.

The only exception is inactivity. In 28 days of inactivity, the LP is beginning to decrease, and then the player can move down both by Tyre and by division.

As you can read above this system is quite complicated, so if you want to get really high division you need to work really hard. Or just use Boosting service.

Boosting Services

Boosting in illegal way to get desired rank in League of Legends. But Riots rarely ban those who use Boosting services, because it is really hard to indicate who use them and who play by rules. The thing is easy, you gave your account to the professional League of Legends Player and he reach any division or rank that you wanted, and for what you payed.

Boosteria official site Discounts from Boosteria

So how to find a trusted lol boosting service? Well you can read reviews, what companies are writing about itself (mostly in “About Us” page) or just choose the cheapest of them. The choice is up to you. I prefer Boosteria for a good price list, discounts and just for a good support system. They always tries to help and always ready to apply full refund, if you are dissatisfied with the services that they provide. You can Read more if you really interested in elo boosting.

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Skyrim Special Edition review

Skyrim is still for the Nords

Skyrim remastered I just can not say that Skyrim is the best TES game (not even at 3rd place at my top), but i still happy that Bethesda remastered it.

Let’s start from the good news to PC owners, and bad for the owners of consoles. So who got PC version with all add-ons, will revieve this remastered version for free, Consol owners need to buy this game for a full price, becouse Skyrim never relesed for consoles of 8 generation (PS4, XO).

Skyrim: Special Edition.


How good remaster has out, I think, should be judged not by the graphics, but by the impressions of all at once. Original 2011 visually, of course, was terrible.

Now graphics in Skyrim has been notably ennobled: they put on the walls beautiful textures and pulled npc models to sane species. Most of the work was made with lighting, shadows and backdrops.

Outdoors updates given their results – in static remaster looks great too. During the first hour of study walks, yet nothing happened really, I just stayed for 10 minutes to watch the sunset, urban landscapes, and dense thickets flattering.

Of course, it is necessary to compare the graphics, as they say, attaching one to the other. In this question our comrades from DigitalFoundry will help. They rescued us countless times.

Why you must return to Skyrim

Skyrim SE

In fact, there is reason better than upgraded visual part. Main thing that is not lost in almost 6 years since the release – the atmosphere and boundless freedom.

You are free to do what you wish and as you wish – even just peacefully go hunt, and then peacefully cooks omething from it. In Skyrim, war – this is not a straight road, and the whole arena of endless conflict, filled with decisions, dialogues, characters and their meaning.

Just say “Hello” to a stranger, and you will never know where this dialogue will lead. Maybe to the war of magic schools and the clash of their interests; to find vintage treasures; to the ancient curses, that cut out whole villages; arrogant power-hungry rulers; mad warlords with grandiose plans for the battle or even ordinary robbers, robbing passers-by on the way to Whiterun.

The game world is huge and not empty. Quests are wait for you at every turn. In caves inhabited by bandits and monsters, there are treasures and rare artifacts and quests. The city is full of different stories, some of which ends with the main branch more interesting tasks. In the end, you can spit on everything and just go to the mountains – to seek adventure on your digital ass.

My Impressions about Skyrim: Special Edition

Skyrim Special Edition

Special Edition – is a great reason to try the game for those who for some reason missed the original at the time. Now you can make it more practical – because Special Edition includes all the DLC, all the necessary patches and everything you need for a comfortable game.

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Playstation VR: 5 trailers

PS VR complect

With the release of a virtual reality helmet PlayStation VR and a number of projects for this device has released too. Players have a great variety of games to choose from, the most famous are:

  • VR DriveClub
  • Rise of Tomb Raider
  • Batman: Arkham VR

But there are also a great number of other games of different genres, which are able to demonstrate the capabilities of virtual reality. Few of them will be discussed below.



Battlezone offers the player to feel himself in the cockpit of a “Cobra” tank  in the middle of a sci-fi environment in the world of the distant future. Among the features – the game supports cooperative, procedurally generated levels and tasks, so that none of the battle will not be repeated. Among the opponents – tanks, turrets, drones and mechanical swarms.


RIGS Mechanized Combat League

Another project, RIGS Mechanized Combat League, offers you to feel yourself in the role of one of the participants of the robotic sport in the near future  where pilots control the powerful cars, exoskeletons and fighting with each other in the arena for the entertainment of the public. There are elements of martial arts, motor racing and basketball. Available a career mode and multiplayer matches.


EVE: Valkirie

EVE: Valkyrie – the player is invited to become part of an elite squad of fighters composed from a space pirates and mercenaries. Space battles with the computer opponents, multiplayer battles, the possibility of character development and updating of your own ship. Sony recently released a trailer of the game, and below you can see another one.


Job Simulator

Job Simulator – is a humorous simulator of a routine work. The game takes place in the world, where rules communism: the robots do all the work for the people, and people as an entertainment play in this simulator to understand what it is – to work. And at the same time it is possible, for example, to throw a stapler at your annoying boss.



Headmaster – is a very strange simulator, where the player is invited to perform a variety of tests and puzzles, by beating balls that flying right in his head. The game has some strange style, gloomy humor and puzzles. Player stay in the “center” of the room and he will have to undergo an intensive course on improving their skills.


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Worms W.M.D.

Good, old Worms returned

Team 17 finally decide to go back to the roots and release a Worms W.M.D. in 2d not in the awful 3d. But that mistake was very painfull to the studio, they lost too many fans. But fortunately developers recognized their mistakes and ready to move on!

Worms W.M.D.

Worms W.M.D. destruction

This game can be named ask “Polished Armageddon“. Worms returned to 2d, as developers promised. This is a great news, because this is how Worms must look. It feels so old school: same mechanics, arsenal and even game phisics.

This is still slow, but dynamic turn-based strategy, where you have a squad of worms, that throws grenades. Small monsters armed to the teeth, so the 10-15 minutes of battle will destroy the arena.

Arsenal is not very extended, and all old toys was left on their places. You can destroy enemies with firearms, cold and futuristic weapon. The new players may be confused with such weapons as Holy grenade, super sheep or something else, but old player cant hide theirs tears of joy.

New ideas

This game has some surprises. For example. now you can find military vehicles! These machines will destroy your enemies if you know how to use it. Tanks, helicopters and even robots – choose what you want.

Worms W.M.D. tank

The second innovation – Shelters. Gas stations, markets and etc  – thats all now not a solid texture, you can enter them to hide or use them as a bunker where you will be protected from an enemy fire. However constructions can be broken, thats why you can not hide there forever. But a couple of times you can survive a dense bombardment or attack of homing missiles.

Worms W.M.D. shelter


You have 2 game modes:

  1. Company
  2. Network game

In single (company) mode you must complete several scenarios, where you must do some objective or kill all worms.

But all fun is in Network games. Where all can happen. I just can not describe all that madness that happens there, so just buy this game and try it. You wont be disappointed.


Worms W.M.D.

Team 17 have done everything correctly and bring the series back from the dead. Worms W.M.D as fun as 15 years ago, and it certainly great for the friendship battles on one PC or console. Game mechanics, that overcome the decade, works flawlessly and gives a sea of bright emotions. Tactical variety and content allows you to play this game in a long long time.

In general, the legendary “Worms” are back


Overwatch: Biggest Review



Overwatch exists at a convergence between outline and masterfulness, a junction at which pure material satisfaction meets refined, keen configuration to create an original sparkle of enchantment.

The game features a 6v6 multiplayer, objective-based shooter; it discovers availability not by bringing down the ability, but rather by widening the meaning of aptitude or rather skill.

A player with the dead shot point is not any more important than the one with the essential leadership capacity to know when a very much coordinated function will influence an engagement, or the individual with the guiding sense to identify the ideal areas to place sentry turrets.

While it didn’t precisely suffocate when it came to making choices, maps, as well as modes, it boasts with a broad number of strategies, and none of them ever interfered with me and my happiness regarding its exceptional, whirling team fights, not forgetting exciting extra time rebounds.

Overwatch comes with lots of numerous features, yet most importantly else, its prosperity is based on the backs of its multiple astounding characters. It’s fitting that the principle menu is ruled by one of them at all times. Their differences in appearances, birthplaces, as well as identities are all exposed with each stance they take.

Let’s get started…

Overwatch Tracer

The rocket hand of Reinhardt settles on his shoulder with a substantial thump that summons a broadsword leaning against a plate defensive player of the medieval knight, and the jaunty grin of Tracer is immediately hindered by a defiant blast that slides over her face, compelling her to blow it once again into the right spot before re-tending to the camera and flickering everywhere.

Also, there is also a shrewd gorilla researcher, a blue-cleaned professional killer who is extremely flexible, as well as a robotic, Zen-honing healer. It says a lot that the one character that sticks to well-worn shooter tropes who feels like the different one.

They are also not the same as you would envision them looking at each other senselessly while standing beside each other, yet through cautious, unobtrusive visual signals prepared into their gear and clothing, they somehow figure out how to show up as though they have one thing in common- sharing a typical world together, regardless of the fact that they all come from various corners of it.  It shows one character that holds fast to well-worn shooter tropes feels like the different character here.

This different quality keeps on substantiating when you choose a saint and use them to hit the front line. In spite of the fact that the 21 are gathered into one of four parts, two of them cannot be alike. The fabrication, the anarchic and changing Bastion play as Defenders. However, they still play pretty much the same.

The former is early looking for a comfortable spot that overlooks a key gag point and he changes into a minigun turret to play as the point guard. The last character represents a zone refusal quest by throwing timed grenades over distances, which then sit on the ground flickering irately, as though it says “go elsewhere” to infringing foes before blasting.

One of the astounding keys to surfacing these subtleties is its refusal to present props to incline. With not very many doubtful individual cases, no character is engaged exclusively around one catch-all firearm or aptitude to the degree that you can discover accomplishment by using only it. Tracer’s double machine-guns have a high rate of discharge, but the accuracy is destitute, a tiny clasp, and average harm on the off chance that you aren’t scoring headshots.

On the same note, Genji’s shurikens are exceedingly destructive and are very accurate, yet their moderate rate of flame and long travel time can make hitting troublesome for a moving object. Practically every essential weapon fits this mold: They’re helpful and in the right circumstance accomplished, yet never sufficiently adaptable to be a familiar object to stick continually too. Not only do these little subtle elements separate characters, but they also pushed me to investigate their different capacities while I was looking to succeed.

Overwatch Junkrat

What’s more, once I began looking all the more carefully, I couldn’t quit finding new things. Returning to Junkrat’s toolset, he doesn’t possess a single standard, a sharp weapon to only attach an enemy to him.

Certainly, he could skip explosives along the ground, driving his objective decently well. However, regardless of the possibility that you were skilled enough to win one-on-one firefights like this, you wouldn’t understand his maximum capacity.

At face esteem, his other two abilities – Steel Trap and Concussion Mine – appear to be clear. One immobilizes foes that meander into it, alternate blows them high as can be when activated. By and by, however, they can be a lot more. Steel Trap can be a departure apparatus, permitting you to withdraw from battles with speedier adversaries attempting to get in your face.

It’s positional alarm after being activated permits it to serve as an early cautioning framework as well, telling you that somebody on the other group is endeavoring to flank your safeguards and holding them there sufficiently long for you to react.

On the other hand, plant a Concussion Mine on top of a Steel Trap and only explode it when you see it activated while you’re off elsewhere peppering with explosives. You can even utilize Concussion Mine as an old standard ammunition by hurling it at a gathering of adversaries and exploding it physically as it arrives.

Maybe most amusingly, you can explore it yourself to rocket-hop up to places that can’t be accessed easily. Only two capacities on one character open up each one of those likely outcomes, and as you may envision, once you get 12 characters scrapping over targets, make use of their capacities to help and hurt each other, further layers of strategic subtlety start to spread out.

Overwatch Winstone

For instance, on her own, Pharah can be a stressful thing to deal with, especially when she throws herself high into the air and floating there while drizzling rocket-moved passing down on contradicting groups from points that render both cover and situating debatable.

Be that as it may, with Mercy the winged doctor tending to her, Pharah turns into a whole new character of issues. Kindness’ Guardian Angel capacity permits her to swoop toward any associate in extent, even ones up in the sky.

Joined with her ability to moderate her plunge with her wings, she’s the main character that can take after Pharah wherever she goes. So you wind up with a dynamic team flying everywhere.

The total of all these moment points of interest is that verging on each activity, even the ones you rehash over and over, feel only a smidgen supernatural.

A game full of synergies

Overwatch is generous with cooperative energies like this.

Zarya and Reaper, Reinhardt and Lucio as well as Torbjorn and Symmetra– there is no lack of opportunities for sharp, organized play, and when you achieve a point where you feel good exchanging your character on the fly amidst a game to overpower the weakest enemy, you want a strategic virtuoso.

You could spend numerous hours playing Overwatch before getting to where you want by legitimately wrapping your brain around all the delicate intricacies it has concealed behind its agreeable veneer. However, you positively don’t have quite recently to have a decent time with it. Only experimenting with various characters, popping off their capacities, and traveling through their reality feels unbelievably right, and it’s all on account of little, verging on indistinct subtle elements.

The top on Junkrat’s explosive launcher folds and thumps about with everything he might do, Lucio’s development have quite recently the scarcest touch of dormancy, so you feel like you’re skating when you play him. The reload activity of Zenyatta may be my top pick.

Overwatch Zenyatta

I never got tired of watching him open his arms to appear another arrangement of spheres before fastening them together with a fantastic, metallic crash. It’s a small thing, beyond any doubt, yet the aggregate of these moment points of interest is that practically every activity, even the ones you rehash over and over, feel only a smidgen enchanted.

The Road to Victory

The 12 maps of Overwatch are comparatively flush with rich points of interest, and they also assume a major part in separating further profundity out of the cast’s toolsets.

Hanamura’s abusive first chokepoint asks to have static safeguards like the turret of Torbjorn or Symmetra’s sentries worked around it, and for assailants with the right portability aptitudes, the long hole between the left half of the first and second catch point turns into a tempting chance to flank the guards before they can reset themselves.

Payload-escort maps like Route 66 give high ground on either side of the assailants’ course, setting up distrustfulness inciting snare situations where Winston’s round Shell Barrier gets to be significant for security against dangers that could originate from a few edges without a moment’s delay. This includes another fascinating layer of strategizing and central leadership when thinking of group syntheses.

Hearthstone: One Night in Karazhan

One night in Karazhan

night in karazhan

It’s been a while since the last adventure, and another one could not be released that. I am in love with the car expansion, it’s very okay – combining meta for long periods is actually a great thing – but my favorite parts are the adventures of the game and it is my hope that Blizzard never ceases to come up with new ones.

Getting started

night in karazhan welcome

A night begins with a prologue episode with the starring being Prince Malchezaar, who is a demon worked as the ultimate raid boss in the ‘’Burning Crusade’’ instance. The prince is quite angry that he was never invited to the party, and after a huge fight with Medivh he drags the host of the party through a portal, eventually turning the rest of the adventure into set up of ‘’ where the hell is Medivh.’’

As a gamer who has played Karazhan numerous times before, I love seeing all the small references, mainly in form of dialogue quips, as well as semi-canon approach that occurs soon after the events of the raid and this includes the Silverware Golem that dwells in the Banquet Hall. The Banquet Hall is an insulting mirror on the wall.

The rivals can said to be traditional boss fights with decks picked by the gamer, striving hard on their unique hero powers. However, the first and last fights are really are a great deal. As mentioned earlier, the prince encounters can get pretty weird (at one point you can have as much as 50 armor as well as a bunch “Your Spells Cost Zero Manna” cards).

However, the chess board is what differentiates it from the rest.

Playing the game

In this game, you must play as the White King. You will be fighting against the Black King, bringing out a number of different cards that resembles a real chess set. You will see pieces attacking at the end of the turn, and destroy the opponents -or two cards if they are played smartly in the middle of a pair.

Bishops cards are known to heal while Knights card can charge.  The game is not as real as chess though, but it is extremely fun and quite fast.

As far as cards are concerned, the game is not that incredible, it is just okay, you will be a little bit disappointed if you are an enthusiast for the adventure itself.  It is actually fun to win the Silverware Golem as well as unlocking the pair of chess cards.

However, to be honest, I don’t think I will be using anything thus far. However, there are a number of that I am currently eyeing. For instance, the Wicked Witchdoctor would work perfectly with Shaman totem deck. But you would definitely love the meta-breaking cards from the League of Explorers.


The developers of this add on have really done an amazing job, and they are continuing to come up with amazing tools and add-ons for the Hearthstone game.

night in karazhan medivh