Bounty Hunter – the hidden imbalance hero of the Dota 2?

Bounty Hunter is looking extremely bad at the previous DreamLeague Season 11 Major, but when he was played by Secret.Zai – BH became the richest hero in the map and own everyone by the 8-th minute. Other players who picked Bounty Hunter don’t look so great at all.

We can’t say that the personal skill extremely hardly affecting the Hero and that the Zai – is one of the strongest offlaners of the world, but we can say the exactly the same words about EG.s4, VP.9pasha or Fnatic.iceiceice, and all of them lost on the Bounty Hunter. So maybe the strength of this hero is not in the gameplay but in the overall draft?

Why BH is still in Meta?

The first reaction on the Hero’s rebalance was quite strange. From the one side, he became much less useful for the whole team – Bonus movement speed to the “Track” ability was canceled. From the other side – Jinada now is much stronger then everyone expected.

And thanks to the Jinada this hero is entered the meta in this new, less quick patch. On the lane, BH cannot deal a lot of damage, but he has great survivability – 6.5 armor, 600 hp, 315 movement speed on the very start – give an opportunity to survive in such situations, where all other heroes will not.

Bounty Hunter is not that great in the farming stage, but he could greatly exchange HP on the lane with enemies. Quick movespeed give an opportunity to quickly decrease the distance between you and an enemy, and the high armor increasing all the regeneration you obtain on the lane.

BH is a hard laner, and in the ideal situation, he will stay against the melee carry, to steal the good amount of his gold every few seconds. The results of this laning he will totally win the lane up to the 5-th minute and will be the number 1 in the overall networth table.

Timings are crucial while you playing as a Bounty Hunter

Well, before starting this chapter, I want to speak about the majority of the timings in Dota 2. If you like to watch upon the aggressive teams, then you see how good they are in synchronizing the timings of their buying.

To the newcomers, such synchronization could seem like pure luck: several core heroes obtain the major, game-changing artifacts, like BKB or Mechansm. But this is not luck, it is a calculation!

Professional players clearly know what they need to do to correctly divide economics. Synchronization of the items is extremely important for the team. Even short windows in 30-90 seconds could give a great chance to take another tower or even a Roshan.

Jinada is not all about gold

And that is where Bounty Hunter is showing his great strength. BH desynch the obtaining of artifacts by the enemy team and breaking the timing of the enemies. Most of you may think that the absolute amount of the stolen gold – is the secret of such a hero, but we know the truth know.

Bounty Hunter could create such a situation when one of the core heroes could fall far behind the other one. This will lead to the situation when the one core is ready to the fight and gathering up the whole team around him, while other is still farming his core items.

In both cases, you’ll earn economical advantage through track-kills, or through early buildings or even Roshan.

Why BH loses games?

There are two main reasons why BH losing his games at the pro-stage. First one is connected with the drafts, while the second one is fully affected by the gameplay.

Virtus.Pro adapted to the lane against Bounty Hunter, by picking a strong core-hero with a lot of armor. Phantom Lancer is a great choice, he has a very good starting stats, that is why he was picked a lot as a mid laner in the past. Jinada now will not be as fearful as it was before, and with the levels, he will be even stronger versus BH thanks to the Phantom Rush.

Shadow Demon on the 5th position could continuously harras BH with the magical damage, and this harassment fully ignores the advantage of the Bounty Hunter in armor. We think that every hero with the great magical burst damage will be extremely good against our protagonist.

Without an opportunity to continuously steal gold in the early stages of the game, BH couldn’t find himself in the game later. And he could be countered with the gaming skills. You could always win the game against much stronger heroes if you can push the buttons much better. Moreover, in the defense, you could always buyback in dangerous situations and win the fight thanks to it.

When you SHOULD pick Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is in the Top15 of the most successful heroes in the hi-level pubs, and you need to look at him if you are interested in MMR boosting. BH is extremely good against such heroes who need good timing for such artifacts as a BattleFury, Radiance or even Blink Dagger.

BH is not that good against core heroes who are relatively strong in the mid-game and could bring pressure, such Ursa, Juggernaut, Troll Warlord or Monkey King, who could create moments on the map without a great amount of gold.

Overall, this hero is extremely interesting, and many top teams experimenting with him. Make one enemy much weaker, use this advantage and take control over the map, and end the game easily. That is how you need to use this hero, in theory!


The most technically perfect games of 2017 | Digital Foundry TOP

Digital Foundry is a famous part of the Eurogamer, which analyzes the technical side of all video games. So who if not them will create a top list of the most technically perfect games in the 2017 year?

Top List of the most technically advanced games of 2017


So why are we still talking? Let’s get right to the point!

  1. Horizon: Zero Dawn. Digital Foundry is just praising the technical part of this game. Design of the world, Details and stable productivity, all this in sum just makes a perfect fusion.
  2. Assassin’s Creed: Origins. The work with the light, high detailed world and pretty nice distance view. All this makes AC:O one of the greatest games with the open world, from the technological point of view, of course.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Just a gem that squeezes all that it can from such platform as Nintendo Switch. Such wonderful level of interaction with the environment, many interesting decisions and a lot of in-game features.
  4. Claybook. This game uses Signed Distance Field technology, Visual Elements with the rays tracing, and unique physical engine.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins | Loot Boxes

No more money spending! Loot Boxes are not sold for real currency

Recently, developers of the even high-budget blockbusters like Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Destiny 2 do not think about their reputation and add to the game paid loot boxes with random useful items. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that such chests will meet you and in Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

Assassin's creed: Origins loot boxes

Of course, for every self-respecting gamer who has already laid out fifty bucks for the game itself, it’s an occasion to think about whether the chests will spoil his game, especially if those players do not want to pay for them with real money. The project manager of the Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Ashraf Ismail confidently responds: your game will not be spoiled by loot boxes.

In an interview with Eurogamer, the developer confirmed that in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, “mysterious” chests with random weapons or equipment (called Heka Chest) that can be purchased from a local Reda dealer for 3000 in-game drachmas are not sold for real currency. Exclusively for virtual coins, obtained during the game.

Loot obtaining ways in Assassin’s Creed: Origins

According to Ismail, Ubisoft noted that users have different approaches in a looting. Some people like to break into a military location and steal equipment in the hope of finding something unique or legendary. While others prefer to engage, so to speak, the economy – to save, buy and sell everything that can be useful. And exactly for the second category of peoples, we decided to open an in-game shop with loot boxes.

By the way, if according to the game director of Assassin’s Creed: Origins, everything that you see in the game store (like alternative costumes for Bayek or sets that save your time, as in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag), can also be obtained by honest work, that is, through the game.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 | Release in December

New part of the Xenoblade Chronicles

As part of the recent presentation of Nintendo Direct, the release date of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 role-playing game was announced from the studio of Monolith Soft. JRPG will go on sale December 1 at the Nintendo Switch.

Xenoblade Chronicles - Nintendo Switch

On the day of the premiere, not only the standard edition of the game will be offered, but also a special one, including a disc with a soundtrack, metal packaging and a 220-page book of illustrations. The controller Nintendo Switch Pro stylized under Xenoblade Chronicles 2, also will be on sale on December 1.

In addition, on Nintendo Direct developers have shown a new trailer of the game, telling about the drowning in the clouds world of Alrest and the giant forms of life inhabiting it, called Titans. On the corpses of these colossi there live people representing different powers. In the video, we were told about the highly developed technologies of the kingdom of Uray, the military empire of Moore Ardein, the fertile imperial province of Gormoth, the worshiping Titans of the Indolian Pretorium, the guild of merchants Argentum and the veiled mystery of Thorne.


Destiny 2 with Blizzard

Today’s event, dedicated to the demonstration of Destiny 2, has clearly been successful. In addition to the gameplay trailer and news about the PC-version of the shooter, Bungie also showed the launching mission of the campaign, which, according to developers, sets the tone for the entire game.

Destiny 2 Back to back

Destiny 2 on (

In the same place, developers reported that users of Destiny 2 will be able to find even more entertainment for themselves. During the exploration of the surrounding area, you will see non-player characters distributing additional quests called “Adventures.” This can be the search for treasures marked on the map, and the discovery of the Lost Sectors. Plus Bungie promises more public events, including those with Heroic goals.

By the way, in the Destiny 2, it will be possible to explore four new territories: Titan, Io, Nessus and the European Dead Zone on Earth. With all this, you do not have to leave the world and return to orbit to launch any action.

Destiny 2 poster

Finally, Bungie stresses: to enjoy Destiny 2 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (although independently, even with friends) on September 8, you will not need to master the previous part. Especially since in the new shooter mode “Games with a guide” is added, which makes it easier to go through any complex and interesting missions. Moreover, thanks to it, users who prefer to save the last human city on Earth alone can, if necessary, find a company and receive new in-game awards like weapons and armor. This is especially useful in Raid and Nightfall modes.

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GTA V is used to teach self-controlled cars

Information portal Bloomberg learned that Grand Theft Auto V is not only one of the most popular “sandboxes” in the world, but also a great Simulator for testing and teaching artificial intelligence of the self-controlled cars.

GTA V as experimental lab

GTA V police helicopter

As said a lecturer at Princeton University, joined the team of engineers who are creating an autonomous vehicle, Alain Kornhauser, Grand Theft Auto V is “the richest virtual habitat“, from which they can extract data. And I do not wonder. After all, the game from Rockstar has at least 262 cars, 14 different weather conditions, more than a thousand unpredictable non-player characters, as well as a bunch of bridges, tunnels, and traffic lights.

One of the founders of the startup Nio, that develop cars without a driver, Davide Bacchet emphasizes that we can’t rely only on data from experiments in the real world. He said that in this simulator (GTA V) is in contrast to reality — engineers can repeat the same scenario, again and again, an infinite number of times. Plus it’s safer and easier to control every variable.

However, do not think that Grand Theft Auto V is the basis of the technology prepared for such vehicles. As the researchers claim, the game only succeeds in supplementing their search.

Basic Info

GTA V sick badass

GTA V is a great game, with an open world. Developers from Rockstar – are leaders and true genius in the game design and created a really great concept that usable not only by gamers but even by scientists. Every new part of this game set the new highs and we hope that new part of this franchise will be as great as all previous.

Pros of GTA V:

  • Great concepts of all main heroes
  • Giant city
  • Many opportunities to chill out
  • High level of detalization and interactivity
  • Magestik graphic

Cons of GTA V:

I can’t find any, truly

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League of Legends – patch 7.5

And again LoL! This time Riots released patch 7.5 and here i’ll talk about new details that were added. Developers are trying to deal with some old problems.

League of Legends 7.5

Firstly – shooters. Work on shooter is still on, but not as hard as it was in last update. They are sorry for this, but the work is still in process, and soon all will be done. Today developers precisely watch at Warrus, Jhin and Miss Fortune and unbelivible damage that they deal to the enemies. Also they change Warlord’s Bloodlust and Blade of the Ruined King so ranger’s items now looks balanced.

Azir LoL

Future plans

AS you may see some champions are much more popular as other at the professional stage, so Riots will look at the strong side of such champions to correct other, weak guys. Or just nerf these strong sides as they always did.

Other Changes in LoL

Some big projects are included in this patch, like Kinred Aatrox and some key talantes like Stone Bounds (And Warlod’s Bloodlust and Blade of the Ruined King as i mentioned before). Stable vampire effect of old Bloodlust is in the past now, but if you like to absord the life energy of your enemies, then try Aatrox. Riot reworked him, so it will be the new experience for you.

Here are the 7.5 Patch notes for League of Legends

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League of Legends – Game Tips

Advices that will increase your skill in League of Legends

Games like League of Legends are testing you in the many ways. If you are unhappy with your game, it is likely that in some aspects you are quite well, but the failures in other directions are contained you. You will find a list of useful tips below. Of course, not all of its paragraphs are equally important, andyou can compensate your weak sides with the strong ones.

LoL battle

Game Knowledge

Learn the game and it’s champions. Knew all weak and strong sides of champions, know what to pick and buy to counter them. Make optimal decisions and you will see how your winrate is increasing.

Watch at your position

Positioning is one of the most aspect in all Moba games. You must know where are the best positions for your champions. Need to learn when it is time to switch lines, or do when your help is needed in other places (for a support hero you need to now positions from where you can push back enemy’s champions from the bottom line. As assassins you need to know all flanking ways to opponents).

Champions List

To win games, you need to have META champions in your champion list. So don’t try to buy all champions at once, buy the best in this patch. Look at the win rate of them, or just look what professional picking. Remember that you need at least 1 champion of each role, to balance your team.


Of course skill in the League of Legends is the main thing. If you buy the most imbalanced champions, you still may lose the game because you don’t know how to play with him. So always practice and find a new ways of gameplay of various champions.

In game minimap

If you can always watch the map, then it will not be a surprise if an enemy try to gank you. You will see that enemies are missing or that your team is gathering up for a push, and it’s time to split-push or to join that attack. Always watch for the game.


Remember that you just can not win games solo. Never. So always communicate with your teammates, never blame them and try your best. If nobody is coordinating you, then try to be the One who coordinate the team. Belive me, even bad leader is better then no leader.

Control your emotions

All multiplayer games are emotional. Anger, satisfaction, fear all these emotion can positively and negatively reflect on your game style. So try to hold your emotions before Winning screen appear (or losing).

Know your enemies

Some psychological side of the game. You need to predict where enemies in all moments of the game. From it all strategies are builded, so if you want to win games, you need to think as your enemy.

League of Legends

How to win games in LoL

Well, if as a recap all you need to do is to:

  • Kill more minions! As much as you can!
  • Place totems! As much as you can!

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Nintendo increases production of Nintendo Switch

Looks like Nintendo switch is really going to succeed! Nintendo has revised its plans for the near future and is preparing to increase the print runs of the consoles minimum in twice.

Plans are changes, Nintendo Switch is too popular!

Gray Nintendo Switch

This is reported by the Wall Street Journal. Nintendo is about to prepare not 8 million consoles in the coming fiscal year, as originally conceived, but 16 or even more. In this case, sales to end-users, as the Wall Street Journal considers, will exceed 10 million copies in 12 months and beat all the expectations of most analysts.

The fiscal year begins in calendar April 2017, so the new plan is distributed until the end of March 2018.

New Horizons for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The Wall Street Journal adds that 10 million copies in the first year are the elevation after which third-party software vendors become interested in the platform. Therefore, if the Nintendo switch is truly able to do this, a steady stream of new games will appear on the console. In the meantime, the hope is on Nintendo itself, which have a thin layer of games that will be released until the end of 2017.

For you to understand, the Wii U, the Nintendo’s previous console, in the four years of its sad existence, has been uploaded to the stores 13.56 million times. And was sold even less. Thus, a Nintendo switch can easily circumvent the results of the predecessor.


New Champion in Quake Champions – Scalebearer

Quake Champions — computer first-person shooter game with online multiplayer from id Software. Announcement of the new game in the series was held at E3 2016 at the Conference of Bethesda’s E3 Showcase. more details are became known about the game at QuakeCon in August 2016.

Quake is Back!

Quake 2017

March 7, 2017 year announced the start of receiving aplications for the closed beta of the game, which should start in a few weeks. Also a lot of new information on the site, including a description of the weapons, maps, and champions that are available in closed beta of Quake Champions.

Introducing – Scalebearer, new Quake champions

Bethesda Softworks and id Software intriduced another Hero on whose behalf the PC owners will be able to destroy enemies on vicious arenas of Quake Champions. His name is Scalebearer.

Quake champions 2017

How developers tells, this Galactic warlord conquered countless worlds and knows no mercy. His active skill called “Bull Rush” and allows Scalebearer smash enemies while he run at them. His passive skill – Big Guy. And here you can look how it works, video of new champion is below.

We remind that after the release of Quake Champions this ruthless man — as well as other heroes, in addition to the Ranger — will be available only to those who will spend money on a set of Champion Pack. In General, the same multiplayer network shooter will be free. And now on the official site you can enroll for the coming closed beta.


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