Skyrim Special Edition review

Skyrim is still for the Nords

Skyrim remastered I just can not say that Skyrim is the best TES game (not even at 3rd place at my top), but i still happy that Bethesda remastered it.

Let’s start from the good news to PC owners, and bad for the owners of consoles. So who got PC version with all add-ons, will revieve this remastered version for free, Consol owners need to buy this game for a full price, becouse Skyrim never relesed for consoles of 8 generation (PS4, XO).

Skyrim: Special Edition.


How good remaster has out, I think, should be judged not by the graphics, but by the impressions of all at once. Original 2011 visually, of course, was terrible.

Now graphics in Skyrim has been notably ennobled: they put on the walls beautiful textures and pulled npc models to sane species. Most of the work was made with lighting, shadows and backdrops.

Outdoors updates given their results – in static remaster looks great too. During the first hour of study walks, yet nothing happened really, I just stayed for 10 minutes to watch the sunset, urban landscapes, and dense thickets flattering.

Of course, it is necessary to compare the graphics, as they say, attaching one to the other. In this question our comrades from DigitalFoundry will help. They rescued us countless times.

Why you must return to Skyrim

Skyrim SE

In fact, there is reason better than upgraded visual part. Main thing that is not lost in almost 6 years since the release – the atmosphere and boundless freedom.

You are free to do what you wish and as you wish – even just peacefully go hunt, and then peacefully cooks omething from it. In Skyrim, war – this is not a straight road, and the whole arena of endless conflict, filled with decisions, dialogues, characters and their meaning.

Just say “Hello” to a stranger, and you will never know where this dialogue will lead. Maybe to the war of magic schools and the clash of their interests; to find vintage treasures; to the ancient curses, that cut out whole villages; arrogant power-hungry rulers; mad warlords with grandiose plans for the battle or even ordinary robbers, robbing passers-by on the way to Whiterun.

The game world is huge and not empty. Quests are wait for you at every turn. In caves inhabited by bandits and monsters, there are treasures and rare artifacts and quests. The city is full of different stories, some of which ends with the main branch more interesting tasks. In the end, you can spit on everything and just go to the mountains – to seek adventure on your digital ass.

My Impressions about Skyrim: Special Edition

Skyrim Special Edition

Special Edition – is a great reason to try the game for those who for some reason missed the original at the time. Now you can make it more practical – because Special Edition includes all the DLC, all the necessary patches and everything you need for a comfortable game.

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