Best Glacial team in Teamfight Tactics

Full guide about Glacials: Champions, Positioning, and Strategy

Glacials in Teamfight Tactics are quite an interesting faction in the game, because together with some of the champions they can very easily stun and restrain some teams with high damage in battle. Not only will you have a bonus from the group itself, allowing you to stun the enemy with a certain probability when attacking for 2 seconds, you also get at your disposal Ashe and Sejuani, whose active abilities can also stun enemy champions.

tft glacials

Ashe can be your carry core champion, and if you manage to find two Spear of Shojin for her, she will rather quickly start using her abilities to the maximum!

Best Glacial team composition

Start early build with nobles to successfully endure the first rounds. Vayne and Ashe will be your carry. If you notice that you are unlikely to get a 3-star Ashe (other players are trying to collect the same combination), then start collecting items for Vayne, which has much more chances to get upgraded up to 3 stars.

Ashe is ideal because if you manage to equip her with two Spears of Shojin, you can always freeze enemy minions with her ults.

Glacial Positioning and Strategies for All stages of the game

This is a fairly simple build in terms of positioning. You will need to place your units with a high level of health, such as Volibear and Sejuani, in front, and characters with increased damage – behind. The overall placement in the left corner works best because you can surround your damage dealers with tanks and keep them away from enemy assassins.

Early-stage of the game

This build begins to take shape in the middle and the end of the game, so until then you will just have to hold out under the onslaught of enemies and not fall behind them too much. At the initial stages, you can start with 3 nobles, who should easily bring you to the later rounds.

teamfight tactics

Garen and Fiora show themselves well in this early composition. As for items, you should create the Spear of Shojin, so look for the B.F. Swords. Also, look for the Recurved Bows to combine them and create a rapid firecannon. You can give these artifacts to Garen or Fiora at an early stage because you still have to sell these champions as you begin to form the glacial composition seriously.

Watch out for the appearance of Mordekaiser at the beginning of the game. You may not need it at an early stage, as it will not give the Noble bonus, which will need to be supported in the first rounds, but you will need him later. If you found Varus early and were able to get Vayne, then maybe you should raise your avatar level to 4th in order to get a bonus from the rangers.

Items that you will find throughout the match will largely determine which unit you need to enhance. If you get a lot of recurved bows and some needlessly large rods, then you should improve Vayne. If you found a lot of the B.F. Swords, then give them all to the Ashe.

Ashe TFT glacial

Middle-stage of the game

When you will enter the middle stage of the game, start looking for Ashe, which is likely to become your main damage dealer and the top-priority target for upgrading up to the 3-star level. Start improving Vayne and Varus, and looking for the appearance of Volibear. You can start to move to a more complete assembly, as soon as you have a sufficient number of champions for the Glacial origin bonus. It is even better if you can place Sejuani on the board, because in this case, you will get a bonus from the knights (all thanks to Mordekaiser), that will incredibly increase the durability of your troops.


Raise the level only if you have a slot that you can fill with a new character, which will give you a new synergy, or 3-star units of low rank. As you begin to increase the level, you will be less likely to see in the store low-ranking champions, which will complicate their upgrade in the late game. However, a higher level increases your chances of finding Sejujan, Kindred and Anivia in the early stages, that will increase your chances to obtain two-star upgrades of them.

Late-stage of the game

Start actively updating your heroes. If you have 2-star Sejuani and Kindred, then most likely you will not be able to improve them to 3-stars. Look for Anivia, who will allow you to fulfill the requirement of four units of the same origin in order to go to the 2nd level of the Glacials Bonus. If you end up with an extra level, feel free to place Cho’Gath on the board, which is an excellent option for hitting the square. You will see the whole strength of this composition and understand why it is so popular in the ranks of the boosters at the

Dota Underlords: Economy and Positioning 

Underlords: Economy guide

The whole economic system in all Auto Battlers is pretty similar and here I will say only basics here. After five basic round, you will receive +5 gold every turn. For each of streaks, you could earn additional +3 gold, for both winning and losing streaks. And of course interest – for every 10 coins in the bank you will receive additional 1 gold. This bonus is called Interest and it stacking up to the 50 gold (+5 gold every turn). And of course, a 1 coin reward for the winning a round. So in the early game you need to look for a:

  • Chasing 10 gold breakpoints;
  • Keeping streaks as long as possible.

Картинки по запросу Interest Underlords

The economy is the only important thing in the early stage of the game so you need to build 50 gold. The sooner you will reach this plank the sooner you will enter the mid-game, where you could start to build your true army. This is one of the best strategies that will carry you on during Underlords boost. The best way to gain an advantage over an enemy – start to roll in searching for the best units. Upgrade heroes, find the figures that you are missing in your synergies or just leveling up to obtain more bonuses.

Underlords: Positioning guide

Картинки по запросу Interest Underlords

Positioning is heavily underestimated because it is almost useless in the early and middle stages of the game and became necessary only in the endgame. But still, follow the next rules:

  • Melee units need to stand in a line, as far forward as possible. They are melee, so they need to be closer to the enemy to keep aggro.
  • Assassins in the back lines. They will jump behind the ranks of enemies so you need to keep them at the furthest point from the enemy.
  • Ranged units stacked on one side. Ranged units (or just hunters) is an extremely strong strategy that needs to quickly focus one unit per time. Stacking in the corner will help with that task.
  • Bodyguards – 1-2 tanky units that are buying time for else until they accumulate enough mana to wipe the enemy.
  • Full AoE – Just like Bodyguards, but with one little exception. Strong CC AoE abilities that will be used to buy time for else.
  • Advanced Positioning. This is the hardest thing that you must “feel”. There are no advice or tips because it is a pure fight of the minds. And it is used only in the deep late game, where you are facing only 1-3 enemies. In these battles you may win or lose only with one small replace, so keep playing and practice more, to feel the game.

Pyke’s Mid lane domination is over

Substantial modifications to midsize street Pyke are being used in League of Legends’ newest patch. The little upgrade, focusing on small buffs and nerfs into quite a few items and winners, is the final patch of this calendar year, in prep for year 9 beginning Jan. 23.

Pyke has reigned from the mid lane for long. He is a totally balanced inviting assassin, together with the capacity to pick an unsuspecting off AD Carries effortlessly –magnificent them before a fast and simple perform. He is supposed to become a damage-orientated winner, however, by no means, should extend into the mid lane.

He has become much too strong for his own good, and Riot certainly insists, for this week’s limitation it is targeting his problematic tendencies, placing him down a couple of notches.

Pyke Mid lane

Back in Patch 8.24b, the alterations to Pyke are specially tailored to influence his art from the mid lane. His Bone Skewer (Q) was nerfed, reducing the harm he does to secondary goals (50 percent 30 percent), carrying away a number of his own laning and waveclear possible. And lastly, Death From Below has obtained modifications, decreasing its overall selection and implementation capacities, reducing its harm in the upper implement thresholds quite appreciably. Enemies over the implement threshold will take bodily damage equivalent to this threshold instead.

It is hard to say at this early stage if the new Pyke changes will make a genuine difference, or when he will quietly reunite to his first part in the bot lane, even as planned. He has been much too powerful in his present condition, but ideally, with his brand new alterations, we will see less of him mid.


Bounty Hunter – the hidden imbalance hero of the Dota 2?

Bounty Hunter is looking extremely bad at the previous DreamLeague Season 11 Major, but when he was played by Secret.Zai – BH became the richest hero in the map and own everyone by the 8-th minute. Other players who picked Bounty Hunter don’t look so great at all.

We can’t say that the personal skill extremely hardly affecting the Hero and that the Zai – is one of the strongest offlaners of the world, but we can say the exactly the same words about EG.s4, VP.9pasha or Fnatic.iceiceice, and all of them lost on the Bounty Hunter. So maybe the strength of this hero is not in the gameplay but in the overall draft?

Why BH is still in Meta?

The first reaction on the Hero’s rebalance was quite strange. From the one side, he became much less useful for the whole team – Bonus movement speed to the “Track” ability was canceled. From the other side – Jinada now is much stronger then everyone expected.

And thanks to the Jinada this hero is entered the meta in this new, less quick patch. On the lane, BH cannot deal a lot of damage, but he has great survivability – 6.5 armor, 600 hp, 315 movement speed on the very start – give an opportunity to survive in such situations, where all other heroes will not.

Bounty Hunter is not that great in the farming stage, but he could greatly exchange HP on the lane with enemies. Quick movespeed give an opportunity to quickly decrease the distance between you and an enemy, and the high armor increasing all the regeneration you obtain on the lane.

BH is a hard laner, and in the ideal situation, he will stay against the melee carry, to steal the good amount of his gold every few seconds. The results of this laning he will totally win the lane up to the 5-th minute and will be the number 1 in the overall networth table.

Timings are crucial while you playing as a Bounty Hunter

Well, before starting this chapter, I want to speak about the majority of the timings in Dota 2. If you like to watch upon the aggressive teams, then you see how good they are in synchronizing the timings of their buying.

To the newcomers, such synchronization could seem like pure luck: several core heroes obtain the major, game-changing artifacts, like BKB or Mechansm. But this is not luck, it is a calculation!

Professional players clearly know what they need to do to correctly divide economics. Synchronization of the items is extremely important for the team. Even short windows in 30-90 seconds could give a great chance to take another tower or even a Roshan.

Jinada is not all about gold

And that is where Bounty Hunter is showing his great strength. BH desynch the obtaining of artifacts by the enemy team and breaking the timing of the enemies. Most of you may think that the absolute amount of the stolen gold – is the secret of such a hero, but we know the truth know.

Bounty Hunter could create such a situation when one of the core heroes could fall far behind the other one. This will lead to the situation when the one core is ready to the fight and gathering up the whole team around him, while other is still farming his core items.

In both cases, you’ll earn economical advantage through track-kills, or through early buildings or even Roshan.

Why BH loses games?

There are two main reasons why BH losing his games at the pro-stage. First one is connected with the drafts, while the second one is fully affected by the gameplay.

Virtus.Pro adapted to the lane against Bounty Hunter, by picking a strong core-hero with a lot of armor. Phantom Lancer is a great choice, he has a very good starting stats, that is why he was picked a lot as a mid laner in the past. Jinada now will not be as fearful as it was before, and with the levels, he will be even stronger versus BH thanks to the Phantom Rush.

Shadow Demon on the 5th position could continuously harras BH with the magical damage, and this harassment fully ignores the advantage of the Bounty Hunter in armor. We think that every hero with the great magical burst damage will be extremely good against our protagonist.

Without an opportunity to continuously steal gold in the early stages of the game, BH couldn’t find himself in the game later. And he could be countered with the gaming skills. You could always win the game against much stronger heroes if you can push the buttons much better. Moreover, in the defense, you could always buyback in dangerous situations and win the fight thanks to it.

When you SHOULD pick Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is in the Top15 of the most successful heroes in the hi-level pubs, and you need to look at him if you are interested in MMR boosting. BH is extremely good against such heroes who need good timing for such artifacts as a BattleFury, Radiance or even Blink Dagger.

BH is not that good against core heroes who are relatively strong in the mid-game and could bring pressure, such Ursa, Juggernaut, Troll Warlord or Monkey King, who could create moments on the map without a great amount of gold.

Overall, this hero is extremely interesting, and many top teams experimenting with him. Make one enemy much weaker, use this advantage and take control over the map, and end the game easily. That is how you need to use this hero, in theory!


A little about Game Awards

The Game Awards is an yearly awards ceremony honoring accomplishments in the movie game market. The ceremonies also comprise premieres of new matches and forthcoming content and an comprehensive look at previously declared ones. The displays are created and hosted by Canadian matches journalist Geoff Keighley, who’d worked on its own predecessor, the Spike Video Game Awards, for more than ten decades.

Back in 1994, Geoff Keighley was part of their very first televised awards show for video games, Cybermania’94: The Ultimate Gamer awards . Keighley, as a teen, was brought on to help compose material for the star hosts like William Shatner and Leslie Neilson. The series wasn’t considered effective, aimed for humor than party, but out of it, Keighley was motivated to create something similar to the Academy Awards for video games in his profession.

Keighley had worked to the Spike Video Game Awards (abbreviated VGA), that conducted from 2003 to 2013. The series, was broadcast on Spike TV close to the conclusion of every calendar year, was developed to honor video games releases throughout this season. Keighley functioned as the manufacturer and frequently host for all these displays. In 2013, Spike chose to rename the awards from VGA to VGX concerning signify they wanted to concentrate more on next-generation games which were ushered from the start of the eighth generation of consoles, in addition to bringing comic Joel McHale to co-host alongside Keighley. The 2013 series was regarded as unsatisfactory and targeted as a commercial work as opposed to a party of video game accomplishments.

Keighley was frustrated with the shift in tone this series has introduced. He chosen to fall from further engagement in the VGX, allowing Spike to maintain possession of their land in November 2014, Spike TV announced they had chosen to drop the awards show in its entirety. [5] Rather, Keighley worked with many entities within the market, such as console hardware producers Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, and many large publishers, to financially back and build a new awards show, the Game awards, together with Spike’s blessing. Keighley managed to procure space for hosting the live event. With no broadcaster, Keighley as well as the entities consented to flow the live series about the consoles’ networks and on Valve Corporation’s Steam support, as to have the ability to achieve a far bigger audience than Spike TV previously . Ever since that time, Keighley has managed to secure multiple streaming solutions across the world for the series, that is a transfer appreciated by a number of the Game Awards’ spouses because the series’s inception.

The Game awards review by expert gamers

Keighley believed it significant that the Game Awards presentation is geared at favorably present the attention of players and of the market, and also to be welcoming to actors and other which have demonstrated interest in video games. While the Game Awards are mostly a awards show, Keighley understood the significance of getting added content, having noticed other experiments of video game awards indicates that were just dedicated to awards neglect because of lack of viewers. [8] Keighley considered the Game Awards must fall somewhere between the entertainment places which are utilized for its Academy Awards, as well as the conventional award presentation utilized for its Game Developers Choice Awards, also desired a balance of substance. Throughout the Spike VGX and to the Game Awards, Keighley has participated with publishers and developers to deliver teaser trailers, sneak peaks, and shows of forthcoming games together with the awards. He believes the crowning moment of the strategy has been being able to ensure the first gameplay show of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of this Wild for its 2014 Game Awards. Keighly encourages publishers and programmers to supply any material which may be deemed present or which could pique interest, even though these games are in an early period of development, then makes the variety of that trailers and games to feature.

In combination with the Awards presentation, many digital storefronts, including Steam, the Xbox Live Marketplace along with also the PlayStation Store provide the nominated games available top around and a couple of days following the demonstration. [9] The statuette given to the chosen games was created by cooperation between Keighley and Weta Workshop. It’s supposed to signify”the growth of the video game medium by means of an angel which ascends through electronic building blocks”.
This committee chooses around twelve influential video game information organizations which are going to have the ability to nominate and then vote about the video games in many categories. The advisory committee does not take part in the nomination or voting procedure. Throughout the nomination around, every one of these information outlets supplies a list of matches in many categories; matches to your eSports-associated classes are preferred by a certain subset of those outlets. The committee calculates that the nominations and chooses the most-nominated names for voting by the very same outlets. Ahead of 2017, there were 28 business experts and agents who picked the winners, whereas the 2017 awards will utilize 52 these specialists.


Blizzard’s Overwatch Game Review

Described as a “shooter”, Overwatch divides players into two groups of six, with each player picking out of a roster of more than 20 characters, called”heroes”, each having a exceptional style of drama whose characters are divided into three general classes which match their character. Players on a group work together to secure and shield control points on a map or escort a payload throughout the map at a limited quantity of time. Players gain cosmetic rewards which don’t affect gameplay, like character skins and success poses, since they play the sport. The sport was originally launched with casual drama, using a competitive rated style, various’arcade’ game modes, and also a player-customizable host browser then included following its launch. Furthermore, Blizzard has developed and additional new characters, maps, and sport styles post-release, while saying that Overwatch upgrades will remain free, with the only added cost to players being microtransactions to make extra advantages that are cosmetic.

Some of the Titan team created the idea of Overwatch, dependent on the achievement of team-based first-person shooters such as Team Fortress 2 along with the rising popularity of multiplayer online combat arenas, developing a hero-based shot that emphasized teamwork. Some components of Overwatch borrow resources and theories from the canceled Titan undertaking. After establishing the story of a positive near-future Earth setting following a worldwide catastrophe, the programmers aimed to make a varied cast of heroes which spanned genders and ethnicities as part of the setting. Substantial time is spent correcting the equilibrium of those figures, making certain new players will continue to be able to have fun while proficient players will present each other using a challenge.

Overwatch art

Overwatch premiered at BlizzCon 2014 at a totally playable state and was at a closed beta from late 2015 through ancient 2016. An open beta May 2016 brought in almost 10 million gamers. The launch of this game has been encouraged with short animated movies to present the game’s story and every one of those characters. Blizzard reported over US$1 billion in earnings during the first year of its launch, and had over 40 million gamers following two decades. Overwatch is regarded as among those best video games ever , getting numerous match of this year awards, along with other accolades. The sport has also become known as a eSport, together with Blizzard themselves assisting to finance and create professional leagues, like the Overwatch League.

Overwatch comes with quite a few different game modes, chiefly designed around squad-based battle with two opposing teams of six players each. Players pick among over two dozen different hero characters from among three category types: Damage personalities which deal the majority of the harm to assault or protect command points, Tank personalities which could absorb a lot of harm, and Service heroes which offer recovery or alternative fans for their own teammates. [a] Every hero has a exceptional skill kit, specifying their inherent features like health issues and conducting pace, their principal strikes, several passive and active abilities, along with an ultimate capability which could only be used after it’s been billed through coping damage. Players may change their hero throughout the course of a game, as a goal of Overwatch’s style was to encourage lively team compositions that accommodate to the circumstance. The game’s genre was described by some supporters as a”hero shot “, as a result of its design around particular heroes and courses. Overwatch became so popular that you can even buy an overwatch boost nowadays!

The sport includes game modes such as causal drama, aggressive rated play, and also for encouraging eSports contests such as Blizzard’s Overwatch League. These manners are based around sequentially procuring control of things on the map, or even escorting a payload between things around the map, together with one group attacking while another defends. Other modes put aside for causal games contain solo and team deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and special manners run during different seasonal occasions. Despite winning or losing a game, players get experience towards a participant level, and on getting a new degree, get loot boxes that include decorative items which they can use to personalize the look of the hero figures but does not affect gameplay. Loot boxes may also be bought via microtransactions.


The most technically perfect games of 2017 | Digital Foundry TOP

Digital Foundry is a famous part of the Eurogamer, which analyzes the technical side of all video games. So who if not them will create a top list of the most technically perfect games in the 2017 year?

Top List of the most technically advanced games of 2017


So why are we still talking? Let’s get right to the point!

  1. Horizon: Zero Dawn. Digital Foundry is just praising the technical part of this game. Design of the world, Details and stable productivity, all this in sum just makes a perfect fusion.
  2. Assassin’s Creed: Origins. The work with the light, high detailed world and pretty nice distance view. All this makes AC:O one of the greatest games with the open world, from the technological point of view, of course.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Just a gem that squeezes all that it can from such platform as Nintendo Switch. Such wonderful level of interaction with the environment, many interesting decisions and a lot of in-game features.
  4. Claybook. This game uses Signed Distance Field technology, Visual Elements with the rays tracing, and unique physical engine.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins | Loot Boxes

No more money spending! Loot Boxes are not sold for real currency

Recently, developers of the even high-budget blockbusters like Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Destiny 2 do not think about their reputation and add to the game paid loot boxes with random useful items. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that such chests will meet you and in Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

Assassin's creed: Origins loot boxes

Of course, for every self-respecting gamer who has already laid out fifty bucks for the game itself, it’s an occasion to think about whether the chests will spoil his game, especially if those players do not want to pay for them with real money. The project manager of the Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Ashraf Ismail confidently responds: your game will not be spoiled by loot boxes.

In an interview with Eurogamer, the developer confirmed that in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, “mysterious” chests with random weapons or equipment (called Heka Chest) that can be purchased from a local Reda dealer for 3000 in-game drachmas are not sold for real currency. Exclusively for virtual coins, obtained during the game.

Loot obtaining ways in Assassin’s Creed: Origins

According to Ismail, Ubisoft noted that users have different approaches in a looting. Some people like to break into a military location and steal equipment in the hope of finding something unique or legendary. While others prefer to engage, so to speak, the economy – to save, buy and sell everything that can be useful. And exactly for the second category of peoples, we decided to open an in-game shop with loot boxes.

By the way, if according to the game director of Assassin’s Creed: Origins, everything that you see in the game store (like alternative costumes for Bayek or sets that save your time, as in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag), can also be obtained by honest work, that is, through the game.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 | Release in December

New part of the Xenoblade Chronicles

As part of the recent presentation of Nintendo Direct, the release date of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 role-playing game was announced from the studio of Monolith Soft. JRPG will go on sale December 1 at the Nintendo Switch.

Xenoblade Chronicles - Nintendo Switch

On the day of the premiere, not only the standard edition of the game will be offered, but also a special one, including a disc with a soundtrack, metal packaging and a 220-page book of illustrations. The controller Nintendo Switch Pro stylized under Xenoblade Chronicles 2, also will be on sale on December 1.

In addition, on Nintendo Direct developers have shown a new trailer of the game, telling about the drowning in the clouds world of Alrest and the giant forms of life inhabiting it, called Titans. On the corpses of these colossi there live people representing different powers. In the video, we were told about the highly developed technologies of the kingdom of Uray, the military empire of Moore Ardein, the fertile imperial province of Gormoth, the worshiping Titans of the Indolian Pretorium, the guild of merchants Argentum and the veiled mystery of Thorne.


Destiny 2 with Blizzard

Today’s event, dedicated to the demonstration of Destiny 2, has clearly been successful. In addition to the gameplay trailer and news about the PC-version of the shooter, Bungie also showed the launching mission of the campaign, which, according to developers, sets the tone for the entire game.

Destiny 2 Back to back

Destiny 2 on (

In the same place, developers reported that users of Destiny 2 will be able to find even more entertainment for themselves. During the exploration of the surrounding area, you will see non-player characters distributing additional quests called “Adventures.” This can be the search for treasures marked on the map, and the discovery of the Lost Sectors. Plus Bungie promises more public events, including those with Heroic goals.

By the way, in the Destiny 2, it will be possible to explore four new territories: Titan, Io, Nessus and the European Dead Zone on Earth. With all this, you do not have to leave the world and return to orbit to launch any action.

Destiny 2 poster

Finally, Bungie stresses: to enjoy Destiny 2 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (although independently, even with friends) on September 8, you will not need to master the previous part. Especially since in the new shooter mode “Games with a guide” is added, which makes it easier to go through any complex and interesting missions. Moreover, thanks to it, users who prefer to save the last human city on Earth alone can, if necessary, find a company and receive new in-game awards like weapons and armor. This is especially useful in Raid and Nightfall modes.

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